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Tolley Carr....Working in Charlotte..on Fox NewsRising


Posted 9:01 am, 12/29/2009

Note it was Fox who thought what...a couple of years...was a sufficient price for two innocent lives.

It shouldn't be that easy to get back to his life after having ended a life due to his own negligence. Shame on all the conservatives who, in other threads, have insisted that basically nobody should ever be released from prison for anything...and those who have railed about "personal responsibility'. , yet now think this is just fine and dandy.

At some point he should be able to earn a living again, of course. Heck..put him in the edit booth editing other people's work...NOT IN FRONT OF A CAMERA! NOT YET! Most jobs in broadcasting are NOT on-air. He should start with one of those.


Posted 8:35 am, 12/29/2009

Sure, Carr has paid his debt to society. It's just that society didn't send him a big enough bill.

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 8:24 am, 12/29/2009

And so local Judges would not be held to the same sentenceing time table...


Posted 8:21 am, 12/29/2009

the reason a special judge was brought in was because ,1-tolly was a public figure 2- he is black 3-winston has a large black segment of population i think it is around 30% the reason the local authorities wanted this was to keep pessure off them selves ,so nothing could be directly attached to them as far as sentence and punishment


Posted 7:52 am, 12/29/2009

He will always be remembered for what he did and the Courts are not aways fair. That is life. If you don't like him don't watch him.

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 7:47 am, 12/29/2009

By the way I may very well be a racist..Would you define that for me. You seem to think you are so smart....Then why you are at it you can also tell me what race I belong to.Any Moron that cant see the truth about waht happen with this case is just that....

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 7:39 am, 12/29/2009

JMT and Corey -do you think anyone cares what you think?Carr got off with a slap on the wrist....He murdered a man and got by with less time than a assault charge would have been.. If he had not been on TV and known he would have gotten more time....They did not bring a special judge in for his trial for nothing. The reason for that Judge was to keep the regulars judges off the case. His sentence was already decided before he ever got close to a trial date. The local judges can now sentence people to more time than him and be able to say I didnt pass sentence on Carr. If you are so **** stupid you cant see that you should shut the Heck up....


Posted 1:48 am, 12/29/2009

Your exactly right he's racist. And if you read the other thread about smoking, he says anyone that smokes "should be shot and killed", you start to realize your not dealing with a full deck here. And trying to compare him with the other guy who had been in trouble with the law all their life, had multiple DWI convictions, and killed multiple people, is just ridiculous.


Posted 11:14 pm, 12/28/2009

i think stress is raciest if it was a white man he would be cheering for him but because he black stress is talkin all this bad stuff


Posted 11:01 pm, 12/28/2009

He has done his time and he will live with it the rest of his life. I Wish He Would Come Back to WXII.


Posted 7:38 pm, 12/28/2009

I agree with Mtn. We have all done things that in hind sight , make us cringe. One bad decision can turn your whole world up side down.How ever people who insist on repeating past mistakes ,don't get a lot of sympathy from me.

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 7:08 pm, 12/28/2009

No arguement out of me.


Posted 6:56 pm, 12/28/2009

we can talk about this all we want but if you compare to other incidents ,tolly's case is very lite as far as punishment is concerned,i spoke with an attorney about it ,that has been invovled with these type cases ,he stated that tolly's punishment in comparison was very lite


Posted 4:56 pm, 12/28/2009

This Jones man had 2 previous DWI convictions and a third pending at the time of this trial. Those were not placed on his rap sheet but mentioned in the article linked previouosly. He was not legally impaired by alcohol at the time of the incident.

However, it doesn't matter if you are impaired due to not having your required corrective lenses on or alcohol, you are impaired! Common sense, along with prescription literature, tells you not to mix the drug(s) with alcohol. This man was using Xanax, Fioricet and Percocet. Good grief, I wouldn't be able to walk, let alone drive. I understand he had lots of pain related to past surgeries and injuries. If he felt the need to combine the drugs with alcohol...fine! What did adding driving a car do to help with that?
Combine the events of Sept.97 with assault, counterfeit registration, burning a dwelling and it demonstrates a troubled past. It is sad that it turned out the way it did. I am in NO WAY defending the actions of Carr but I see major differences in the cases on paper. I imagine there were more when presented in a courtroom.

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 4:36 pm, 12/28/2009

Oh yes he had two prior convictions...But was not legally drunk during this .Meds were thrown in too.But they were his....Two life sentences in a row....no chance of parole.Carrs sentence never come close to that.


Posted 4:27 pm, 12/28/2009

According to the rap sheet for Thomas Richard Jones (link below), he had many, many more difficulties with the law. Most likely, these incidents contributed to his lengthy sentence. God be with all the families involved in these horrible tragedies.


stressrelief 28.5

Posted 4:13 pm, 12/28/2009

MntBiker posted the link below somewhere.


Posted 4:12 pm, 12/28/2009

Who was the man who killed the Wake students? When was this accident? Thanks


Posted 4:12 pm, 12/28/2009

wrong!!!!....when you choose to go into a bar or even drinking at home...and allow yourself to become inebriated...you have impaired your ability to judge the surroundings that you are in. Then when you choose to get into your vehicle...turn the key...and put the vehicle in drive...and your intent is to do nothing but go home...you have chosen to endanger everyone around you...be they in a vehicle...walking down the sidewalk or crossing the street.

Accidents are not intended to happen...

When you drink, you INTEND to become inebriated...or even just relaxed...you have just then put yourself in the intended position of having your judgement impaired!

Driving drunk and hurting or killing someone is NOT an accident...you intended to impair your judgement!!!! it is that impairment that you intended to happen that kills!!!!

stressrelief 28.5

Posted 4:11 pm, 12/28/2009

You are right. But you cannot call it a accident...Or not in my book....

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