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Big Drug Bust


Posted 9:59 pm, 01/23/2013

If you are found in possession of more than 1.5 Ounces of marijuana, you will face <felony< charges. This is a Class I felony which carries up to 12 months in prison. The likelihood that you will actually serve prison time for this offense depends on the facts of your case and your criminal history. More than likely you will serve far less, if any time at all.


Posted 9:58 pm, 01/23/2013

No need to recant

"Seized from the building were 8 pounds of marijuana in a box"


Posted 9:56 pm, 01/23/2013

let me recant on that I heard he had 8 lbs.


Posted 9:55 pm, 01/23/2013

He just had 8 pounds. I am sure that is just for his use.


Posted 9:51 pm, 01/23/2013

For individuals in possession of greater than 1.5 ounces of marijuana, defendants are subject to being charged with felony possession of marijuana. Additionally, there are a number of other felony charges surrounding marijuana possession including Possession with Intent to Sell or Distribute Marijuana (PWISD), Manufacturing Marijuana. Maintaining a Dwelling, and Trafficking in Marijuana. Trafficking of Marijuana requires that the defendant possess more than ten pound of marijuana.
It is also possible to be charged with a felony such as Possession with Intent to Sell or Distribute even if less than 1.5 ounces of marijuana are involved if it appears that there is intent to sell the product. Also, growing marijuana of any quantity is also a felony in North Carolina.


Posted 9:39 pm, 01/23/2013

I think we're jumping the gun a little here... he's been arrested but that don't mean he'll be convicted. So I guess we're still waiting to see if justice will really be served.

Hardknox, you are righter than you think. And if he is convicted his sentence may be piddly nothing. Look at the charges and tell me, "Does the bail support the crime?" My opinion, and I am neither lawyer nor drug dealer, but if I was caught like that I would expect bail about ten times that amount.


Posted 8:36 pm, 01/23/2013

I think we're jumping the gun a little here... he's been arrested but that don't mean he'll be convicted. So I guess we're still waiting to see if justice will really be served.


Posted 8:28 pm, 01/23/2013

I guess he is taking the fall for everyone.


Posted 8:27 pm, 01/23/2013

It would be hard to prove the guilt of the other two sence neither actually have their hands on drugs. They only got Neil because he is stupid. If they get the other guys they need to look at property ownership and bank accounts. If there is a pattern of them haveing more then they can afford then that could be used under RICO to get them. Also they shouldn't plea bargain with Neil without he gives them up.


Posted 8:26 pm, 01/23/2013


Posted 8:25 pm, 01/23/2013

Exactly dreamer, I was wondering if I should have specified that in my post.

to be or not to be

Posted 8:24 pm, 01/23/2013

this is going to get real ugly before all is said and done. you can't honestly think he (cashion) is the only public official up to his ears in doo-doo


Posted 8:22 pm, 01/23/2013

From an earlier report

"Delbert identified two local men as suspects in his report."

Smoking Aces

Posted 8:18 pm, 01/23/2013



Posted 8:18 pm, 01/23/2013

Now the police needs to look into who own the crack houses. They can find something interesting there.


Posted 8:17 pm, 01/23/2013

one down now where's the accomplice that was mentioned in the jp?


Posted 7:48 pm, 01/23/2013

Do you think Mitch McLean will be hearing this case?


Posted 7:34 pm, 01/23/2013

Wonder who drove him down to the polls last night?


Posted 7:33 pm, 01/23/2013

Annoyed (view profile)

Posted 3:17 pm, 11/08/2005

wow i can't believe how dirty the politics are in this place. seems like the good old boy crowd won't let go.

mustangmama (view profile)

Posted 3:13 pm, 11/08/2005

This has been going on in NW since I was little. I remember people coming to pick-up my mother and elderly grandmoter, take them to vote and then pay them when they were done. Some things never change.


Posted 7:32 pm, 01/23/2013

frodian (view profile)

Posted 1:46 pm, 11/08/2005

Bert Hall and Neil Cashion have been very busy today hauling voters to the polls in North Wilkesboro. How two-faced on Commissioner Hall's part! He voted against non-partisan elections and now he's riding around with a democrat hauling voters to the polls! Unbelievable how crooked these elections appear to be. I wonder if Hall and Cashion would be so good-hearted as to drive these same people to the grocery stores, drug stores, doctor appointments, etc. each week. Would either of these men get on Gowilkes and admit that they haul votes only for their own political gain?

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