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Road Conditions


Posted 1:48 pm, 12/17/2010

NC Hwy 18 south towards town is fine, as is NC Hwy 115 US Hwy 421, Pleasant Home Ch Rd, Mtn Valley Ch Rd.


Posted 12:52 pm, 12/17/2010

The roads were fine when I went in yesterday, but whoever said the store would not be busy...um yeah ok. From the minute I walked in until about 9 pm we were slammed with customers. I couldn't believe how many people were out and about.


Posted 9:18 am, 12/17/2010

yenjifer...Boomer is terrible! Went down to put something in the mailbox and couldn't make it back up my driveway!!! Yuck!


Posted 7:36 am, 12/17/2010

Anyone been out on Boomer Road Hwy 16 or Hwy 18 this morning?

heaven's huskies

Posted 7:07 am, 12/17/2010

My husband just went to work...He said 268 was pretty good...Did not hit any slick spots but airport rd was slick in spots


Posted 7:05 am, 12/17/2010

Any word on 268 east travel?

Scanner is less lively this morning. So either everyone is staying in or conditions are better?


Posted 6:49 am, 12/17/2010

I just went out to start the vehicle and i aint going nowhere for a while. The road may be good but the gravel and the dirt in my driveway are a solid sheet of ice . I have got to make it to work today but not till can get up driveway i guess.


Posted 6:21 am, 12/17/2010

Does anyone now the road conditions on 16 going up to Jefferson?


Posted 5:50 am, 12/17/2010

my wife just drove from purlear to wal mart,it took her 30 mins,she said there is ice on the road,but if you take ur time drive slow you could make it if u have to,she drives a mini van.


Posted 4:40 am, 12/17/2010

are they any updates on the road???

Heaven's Huskies

Posted 12:09 am, 12/17/2010

My husband will be out in this mess in a few hours heading to work....He did not go today it would not make it up the hill by the house....Sure hope it better tomorrow morning! Cant afford for him to be out :(


Posted 11:41 pm, 12/16/2010

Thats not good... Dang it tyson.... Well wish me luck driving tonight.... I'll be the one goin very very slow and shakin the whole way


Posted 11:28 pm, 12/16/2010

Just got back home in Millers Creek and the roads are icing over again, they are becoming very slick!! Friday morning is going to be very bad, everyone be careful!


Posted 10:45 pm, 12/16/2010

In Ronda it is slicker now than this am. Everyone be careful and stay at home if you can,


Posted 10:35 pm, 12/16/2010

Here where I live ( near 2nd street ) there's little patches of ice starting to form.


Posted 9:35 pm, 12/16/2010

how are the roads now


Posted 9:27 pm, 12/16/2010

It took my husband 4 1/2 hours to get home this morning. He ended up walking about 5 miles after his car couldn't make it any further.


Posted 8:34 pm, 12/16/2010

i have to drive off 18 mtn in the morning we'll have fun to wilkesboro


Posted 6:21 pm, 12/16/2010

came home bout 4 hours ago.. and 421 was good but when i go back out at 2am it will be froze again ...


Posted 5:59 pm, 12/16/2010

The roads up in Wilbar are a solid sheet of ice..Hope everyone stays in and does not try and wonder out!!

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