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Additions....Adding on rooms to a double wide


Posted 1:35 pm, 05/06/2010



Posted 2:35 pm, 05/05/2010

you will need a permit . if you can DIY you will save tons of money on your expansion. I know lots of ppl who have done add ons and they look great sorta like a triple wide


Posted 1:37 pm, 05/04/2010

Consider this, if you sold your current home and just bought what you needed, how much more money would you need. And what will be your resale in the future. Additions on manufactured homes are frown on by alot of home seekers.

Good luck in your decision.


Posted 1:15 pm, 05/04/2010

I would talk to 'south' to see what is involved with this project, and get some assistance with anything you are uncertain of, some phases must be inspected. Cost is another factor: materials, labor, permits, etc. Best of luck with your project


Posted 12:31 pm, 05/04/2010

Thanks everyone....it should be level. It's only 4 years old. We can do alot of the smaller work ourselves. My husband does HVAC work, so we have that covered.


Posted 12:28 pm, 05/04/2010

The first thing I would do is to have a professional mobile home installer to check your home to make sure it is level.... Then follow the previous good advice. Good Luck!


Posted 11:31 am, 05/04/2010

The difference lies in the foundation, tie in for the roof, and the floor joist which if the person doing the construction is experienced should not be a problem. Most DW's are setting on block or concrete piers and any foundation along the outside is for looks only and not functional in most cases.

Permits would be advisable as any construction is required to have a permit where occupancy is going to occur.

Things such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are best left to licensed professionals.

I would advise finding someone with experience in doing additions. If anyone suggests you do not get any permits send them walking. You want qualified people doing the work cause yo will be living there so any shoty work could come back to cause trouble.

On anyone you hire CHECK REFERENCES.


Posted 11:16 am, 05/04/2010

Be careful ..once you open up them trailers they are never the same again


Posted 10:57 am, 05/04/2010

Anyone done this that can share their expierence?


Posted 10:34 pm, 05/03/2010

Forever, we are wanting to do it the best, but cheapest way we can. We want a nice job and want it done right. We just don't know what to do to get the ball rolling.


Posted 10:31 pm, 05/03/2010

Thanks South_of_the_border. I will tell him. I'm not sure if he still has the number, so if you could PM me with it I will have him call him. Thanks!

rye whiskey

Posted 10:28 pm, 05/03/2010

Not sure, which dump you talkin bout?


Posted 10:27 pm, 05/03/2010

do they still have the two d-w fused togather on hwy268 near the dump?

rye whiskey

Posted 10:24 pm, 05/03/2010

I've got the only two story moble home in the county, yap done all the work myself-right down to the tars on the roof


Posted 10:23 pm, 05/03/2010

Hey Twinkie, this is what my husband does for a living. He added a beautiful sunroom onto my sisters d-w. He has almost 30 yrs exp. and references. Your husband may still have his #, if not pm me for it. I'm sure he would be happy to discuss it with him. Thanks !!

Forever Cynic

Posted 10:21 pm, 05/03/2010

Are you wanting to do it yourself, or are you hiring someone? If you're hiring a contractor then it's their responsibility to do all of that.


Posted 10:06 pm, 05/03/2010

Has anyone here ever added on to a double wide? Was it difficult? Please, I need some information on this. We HAVE to add on VERY SOON. What do I have to do to do this such as drawing up plans, and permits? How do I go about this? Thanks.

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