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Bad accident


Posted 7:05 pm, 08/01/2010

Just wanted to let you guys know that Kaleb is home and that Casey will be home soon. Both are doing great. Thanks again for all of the well wishes and prayers, they worked.

Erin Greer Willis


Posted 9:41 am, 07/22/2010

Thanks so much for the update. I had the boys on my mind last night and was wondering how they were. I will continue to keep them on my prayer list as they still have more recovery time ahead and have to deal with all that. Please do not forget to take care of yourself also. Looking after others we often forget ourselves. Prayers for you also for the strength that you need to do all this.


Posted 9:35 am, 07/22/2010

The boys are doing very well. Casey has had his breathing and feeding tube taken out. He is alert and talking. Kaleb is now at the therapy center down at Baptist, and will be there for 2 weeks. The boys have seen and spoken to each other, and that has really helped both of them.

Thank You again for all your prayers. This is the page I turned to for information when I first got the call about the accident. As the family, we were unsure about where Kaleb was going, what had happened, and could not get any updates. I remembered this page and found very needed info, such both helicopters went to Winston, that both boys really needed our prayers, that they were alive, etc. These are things that we all did not know at the time. So thank you again, you do not know how much you helped my family and I make critical decisions that night. I live near Charlotte, so I had to see if I needed to stay and set up for my family and go meet Kaleb there, (I could be the first of my family there by an hour), or go to Ashe and help with my family, including mine and Kaleb's grandmother and 94 year old great grandmother. I knew with in 30 minutes what I needed to do. So Thank you for the time and worry you saved much of our family.
Erin Greer Willis


Posted 12:47 am, 07/18/2010

Caseys sister, we are praying for you and all the boys and families involved. We are praying for Gods healing speed for all hurt and for those worrying about them. God loves you all and so do we.

caseys sister

Posted 12:04 am, 07/18/2010

my brother had his surjery on friday to put titanium plates on his scull... he isnt out of the water yet and he still needs your prayers please help us


Posted 10:06 am, 07/16/2010

Still praying for those boys.


Posted 8:32 am, 07/16/2010

Just wanted to provide some updates and give out some thanks.

Casey is doing ok. He was scheduled to be in surgery this morning to fix his facial and eye bones, and to remove the piece to skull that is in his brain. As far as I know this is going as scheduled. He also has a touch of pnenomnia. So please remember him in your prayers this morning. BTW. My spelling is bad so please excuse.
Kaleb is doing much better. He is eating real food and able to get up for very short periods of time. They are taking him off morphine. He is starting to talk, I do not think he remembers much of the last week.

Time for thanks. Thank you to all the medical, emergency, and flight workers who saved these boys lives. We are forever in your debt. I would also like to thank the man who heard the accident, called it in, and then came out and held Kaleb and the passengers (least seriously hurt) hands and prayed while waiting for help to arrive. I think you helped more than you will ever know in doing that.

I would also like to thank all of you for your prayers, and to ask you to keep them up. Casey is not out of the woods yet and Kaleb still has some work left, so please just keep them in your prayers.
Thank You-
Erin Greer Willis (Kaleb's Cousin)


Posted 7:39 pm, 07/14/2010

Speed was not a factor, a mechanical failure caused this wreck. All these boys are great kids. I went to see my cousin Kaleb and his best friend Casey today in Baptist. Both took pretty hard knocks to the head and are going to need time to heal. All of your prayers have been appreciated and please continue to say them. Our family understands the meaning of an accident and hopes everyone on this board does to. We have no ill feelings towards Casey and are just praying that he continues to heal, just as we are praying for Kaleb. These 2 boys are best of friends and they will not fully recover until they realize the other is going to be ok. Just continue to lift them up in prayer and let God do his work on them.


Posted 11:58 am, 07/14/2010

Sister, I am sorry for the pain that you and your family are experiencing. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. I will pray for your family. Just give all of your pain to God and he we see you through this.

caseys sister

Posted 11:26 am, 07/14/2010

This is caseys sister... the story is my brother wasnt going that fast.... something went wrong with his car... the boy that was awake said they heard a loud bang... speeding was a factor but he wasnt going that fast... and yes the story was in the papers.. and the picture of his car was on the front paper in color... its sickening to me... that wasent caseys first car. he has had a car since he got his permit.. my brothers a good driver...

The day after fathers day my brother went upstairs to find our dad deadd in his bed.... we were both there to see our dad laying in his bed like that and let me tell you it was the worst thing i have ever seen in my life and the worst pain... untill now you people really dont know what you are talking about you dont know these boys... my brother is in critical condition and we are all in alot of pain right now... my birthday is thursday and i will be 24 my little brother just turned 17 in may... and he is the only person that i can talk to that really truley knows how much pain im in and i him because thats our dad im still not over my daddy dieing and now my little brother is unconcious and in pain... kaleb and casey are best friends they have a very strong bond these little boys are good kids... kaleb is faithfully a christian and he never cusses.. he dosent do drugs and he has never been in trouble... he walks away from fights he is a true good kid... and my little brother is a good kid too.. but yes boys will be boys but i can tell you him speeding did not cause the accident... it had a factor but WAS NOT THE CAUSE... and the police i dont even think they kinow what they are dooing one cop told my mom some things that werent true and they did nothing but stress her out the night of the accident... and as to the paper who printed the picture of my brothers car in color you guys are sick!!! that made me sick instantly... to the people who have been sending us prayers and your thoughts thank you so much this family really needs it times are really hard for us right now... and to the people who are making rude comments.. you dont know what you are talking about and you should think about the people involved before you put in your two cents about what you think you know about the accident you didnt even see

and my mother hasnt left the waiting room since sunday night... but thanks to all i am going to see my mother and brother right now

Caseys Family

Posted 3:04 am, 07/14/2010

To all of you that are communicating on this page in regards to the boys. We are the immediate family to Casey. We would like to first thank each and every one of you that have been praying. We are here with Casey and Caleb the enormous amount of prayers has truly been felt here at Baptist Hospital. We are so thankful and grateful for each and every one of the prayers you all have been sending. To give you an update regarding Casey he currently is in the trauma ICU. His vitals are stable but continues to be in a drug induced coma. He has severe facial fractures around the orbital socket. He is awaiting reconstructive surgery, possibly at the end of this week as long as his vitals remains stable. He also has had some swelling of his brain. As of now the swelling has not increased or decreased. Casey is a fighter and very strong so we are relying on his strength and the good Lord and the continued prayers to see him through. Caleb is stable and has just recently become responsive however he remains in ICU. We will update this blog as often as time allows so please continue praying for our boys and our families. In response to one of the postings above it was mentioned that Casey's Father passed away this happened June 21st, 3 weeks before this accident. Our hearts are heavy with sadness for all that has happened, but we continue to embrace the abundant amount of thoughts and prayers that has helped us with dealing with this tragic month we have been enduring. Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you and your families.


Posted 8:34 pm, 07/13/2010

Accident update 1 of the boys were treated and released from Wilkes 2 are in Winston... 1 is out of ICU doing better the other one still in ICU not so well has swelling on the brain, as of yesterday the next 48 hrs crucial if he can hold on through them he has a better chance. Still today no change in the one in ICU still doing CT scans and MRIs on both boys to make sure nothing new shows up.Please continue to pray for these boys and their families. They are close friends of ours !


Posted 8:31 pm, 07/13/2010

well, any kids gettin their first car with a stout engine is going to be tempted. I was one of them I just thank God that I'm still alive and pray that any other young uns tempted to speed and get into a wreck make it though too. it's just a part of growing up I guess. it was a part of mine i just hope and pray they make it through it though without any permanent damage. Parents, please remind your children that speed kills. it almost killled me.


Posted 8:20 pm, 07/13/2010

yes we all prey and hope for the best, people ask for the facts, which only those boys know, so we as bystanders give our own opinions as to what occurred. 35 mph can do a ton of damage but 50 can really do a number. So until these boys are home safe and the story straight all we can do is PREY.


Posted 6:29 pm, 07/13/2010

Independent, I agree. That is a horrible spot for 2 roads to intersect. I know the area and still get caught off guard sometimes. You never know when someone may be pulling out, going too fast around the curve, or waiting to turn. Very dangerous.


Posted 6:11 pm, 07/13/2010

That is a dangerous curve and the speed limit through that section is 45 and if you are not familiar with the road the curve can come up on you in a hurry. It's a wonder that more accidents don't happen there because of people pulling out from Pads Road. People really have to keep their guard up in this area.


Posted 5:50 pm, 07/13/2010

I disagree about the damage telling all. It will tell part but not all. If you slam on your brakes, hydroplane, etc. your car will pick up speed before it impacts anything. I have seen a lot of damage done at very low speeds.

The most important thing right now is the recovery of the boys. I pray they will all live to learn a lesson from this ... whether that lesson includes not speeding, more awareness of tire condition or road conditions, or whatever. We ALL make mistakes and we ALL have accidents. Please bear in mind the effect of your words here online.

Also, the black marks being straight may or may not mean anything. It depends on if a tire did blow out, which tire blew, did the driver slam on the brakes, did the brakes lock, etc., ect.


Posted 4:28 pm, 07/13/2010

You know it really does not matter what factors there were.

Glad the other car did not get hit head on and I hope the two young men in the hospital recover.

Geez these could be anyones kids. When they get out of site, they are going to drive roads they are not familiar with, maybe speed, etc. You pray they arrive back safe and sound.

The responses on here never cease to amaze me from some peeps. They obviously do not have kids or have never had anything happen in their perfect lives.


Posted 1:03 pm, 07/13/2010

Im sure the true story will be toled in the police report and in Wednesday's Wilkes Journal Patriot. Until then everything is speculation and here say. The scene and the damage to the car give a good impression as to what the factors were in the crash.


Posted 12:57 pm, 07/13/2010

does anyone have an update on how these boys are doing.. My heart really goes out to the family.THanks for an update in advance

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