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Posted 9:08 pm, 12/15/2008

I also live very close to the airport. My kids enjoy watching these planes. These are Aerobatic Planes and Chris Meyer (the owner) makes these planes, he moved here from Florida and he will be adding a lot of new jobs through his business. Just visit his website ( www.mxaircraft.com) and it will tell you all about what he plans to do for our county, not to mention all the publicity Wilkes County will be getting.


Posted 1:48 pm, 12/15/2008

eqjunkie I live right next to the airport and chose to live there knowing there were planes in and out all day long. And this was when Lowe's and Tyson was using the airport with their big Lear's and Falcon's. Now I have to say it took some getting used to when the Lowe's Falcon came in @ 3 am in the morning, throwing it in reverse and making me sit straight up in bed out of a deep sleep. But I got use to it, in fact these MX2 planes don't hold a candle to what those corporate jets made in noise. So take on the noise ordinance issue, cause you will look like a donkey's rear end when you do. No noise ordinances in the county of Wilkes unless you live inside the city limits of WBO or NW. Also the FAA will laugh at you too. Cause this company has permits to do this stuff. Next time you post stupid stuff like this, do a little checking first! Good Day!


Posted 1:35 pm, 12/15/2008

I live on 268 E not far from the airport as the crow flies and that plane flies over pretty much every afternoon. It's not any real nuisance to me though I've been a little apprehensive for the pilot's safety a few times. I had no clue what he was doing. He's testing planes? Is that it? Just curious. Saw him skywriting last summer. Thought it was pretty neat, myself.


Posted 7:55 pm, 12/14/2008

after i made the post about where the plane came from i had second thoughts...when i thought about what i had do i said to my self watch these folks start calling and complaining.i need to think a lil better next time....pls folks let um be we need that company and any others that willing hang their hat here in wilkes


Posted 7:55 pm, 12/14/2008

He needs to go to midas and get a muffler for the plane.


Posted 7:49 pm, 12/14/2008

Jaybo...I'm with you. My whole family goes out to watch him and our
little one thinks it's the greatest thing he ever witnessed. Honestly, I'd rather hear and watch that airplane than to meet one of those packed to the ceiling, overloaded logging trucks on the highway. Now, that's scarey!


Posted 7:20 pm, 12/14/2008

Let him fly. I truly enjoy watching him. Rather hear that noise, then smell good ole Wilkes County Perfume all the time. If he hurts someone, then we can hang him.


Posted 7:14 pm, 12/14/2008



Posted 7:07 pm, 12/14/2008

Be glad he's getting experience....He might be your pilot one day!! lol


Posted 7:06 pm, 12/14/2008

I actually enjoy watching him. The sound does not bother me and we are in close proximity to the airport.


Posted 6:48 pm, 12/14/2008

If you feel he is in violation alert the FAA.


Posted 6:47 pm, 12/14/2008

Sec. 91.303

Aerobatic flight.

No person may operate an aircraft in aerobatic flight--
(a) Over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement;
(b) Over an open air assembly of persons;
(c) Within the lateral boundaries of the surface areas of Class B, Class C, Class D, or Class E airspace designated for an airport;
(d) Within 4 nautical miles of the center line of any Federal airway;
(e) Below an altitude of 1,500 feet above the surface; or
(f) When flight visibility is less than 3 statute miles.
For the purposes of this section, aerobatic flight means an intentional maneuver involving an abrupt change in an aircraft's attitude, an abnormal attitude, or abnormal acceleration, not necessary for normal flight.


Forever Cynic

Posted 6:26 pm, 12/14/2008

I live more than 10 miles from the airport, and am awakened by this plane every weekend. I see regular airplanes all the time that don't make any noise at all, but this is different. It's sounds like a go-cart going up and down my driveway, all morning long.

IMO, they should not be allowed to do this on weekend mornings. Is it too much to ask for them to do this during regular working hours through the week, when it will be less bothersome?

If I bought a house next to the highway, then sure, I would expect to hear traffic noise. But I didn't. I live in a house that's several miles from the airport, and several miles from the highway, and it sucks to know that my quality of life, as well as the value of my house, is now going to go down because of this. So I feel like I have every right to complain.


Posted 5:57 pm, 12/14/2008

eqjunkie don't you fill like the stupid *** now? Quit your *****ing and complaning. Idiot


Posted 5:36 pm, 12/14/2008

MX Aircraft is one of the few new companies with jobs to come to our area in a long time .Very sharp guys with a lot of potienal . Be glad they have come here ...we need one and all.


Posted 5:33 pm, 12/14/2008

Since this nice guy is bringing a buisness and some possible employment to some of us!!!Lets all go and get our torches and pitch forks and run this buisness out of the county too!!!Whineing, backwards thinking, unemployed cry babies!!!!


Posted 5:24 pm, 12/14/2008

and those dogs barking in my yard ... MAKE THEM STOP

oh wait, they're my dogs .... maybe since it violates a noise ordinance "THEY" should pay for them to go to obedience school ... it is after all always somebody else's responsibility when something goes wrong in my life


Posted 5:20 pm, 12/14/2008

I live next to a highway, can someone please put a stop to those cars and trucks going by my house at all hours of the day and night.


Posted 5:18 pm, 12/14/2008

You need to get your facts straight. He is a pilot for MX and that is his job. Do some checking.


Posted 5:18 pm, 12/14/2008

Eqjunkie we'll all look forward to your appearing at the next County Commissioner's meeting and how attentively they will jump right on that noise ordinance complaint. Oh wait, since it's already the law, just call 911 and have it stopped right away. Silly me, someone as smart as you will have that stopped in no time at all.

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