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Turkey Hunter Killed


Posted 1:12 am, 04/12/2009

More hearsay by someone that knows Nothing and should keep their mouth shut .
If you don't know the TRUTH then shut up about both people involved.


Posted 1:16 am, 04/12/2009

No sleep for me. GoWilkes needs at least one person here to try and be the voice of sanity.


Posted 1:17 am, 04/12/2009

Let me ask you something where you there when the shooting took place? You are just like everyone else. I mean you think you know it all Another question how do you know that he provoked him? Again where you there? Know one really knows what happend and just because he had a complaint or two doesn't mean he was a loose cannon. Im so ashamed of saying of from wilkes county because of know it alls like you.


Posted 1:18 am, 04/12/2009

Hearsay? I believe with all the names and specifics mentioned it is far more than hearsay.. I believe you know that too. I admire you for taking up for him, I really do. But just remember my first post. This type of thing is far from over. It is just beginning. Loucas, Minton and one more warden who I will not mention. They are three peas in a pod, but who cares anyway. Hearsay I guess:) Notice I didn't give the one other name. He isn't in Wilkes, but he will screw up too. And when he does will be the next time you hear from me. Just remember... Goodnight


Posted 1:21 am, 04/12/2009

I agree 100%. The thing you say prove you know nothing about the facts of what happened. Yet you hold court and convict the Warden and place blame on him. Very sad.


Posted 1:24 am, 04/12/2009

The GW is being presumed (Guilty till proven inocent)
I thought our system worked a different way.


Posted 1:25 am, 04/12/2009

Names of other game wardens have nothing to do with this!!!! The only thing that proves is that you know nothing about what happened today. The other game wardens and what MIGHT have happened 6 or 8 years ago have nothing to do with this!!!!


Posted 1:26 am, 04/12/2009

I really don't care about who's names you use. Your one of those people who thinks they know everything. I mean you go one day in a GW's shoes. With all the people they might deal with on a daily basis. Again you don't really know what went on but your still going to throw people into it that doesn't belong here no matter what. Im sure every single person did what they were suppose to do about the complaints but again you know it all don't you?


Posted 1:29 am, 04/12/2009

And BTW I don't know if it has been released yet or not but the SBI say 100% justified and it was in self defense.


Posted 1:33 am, 04/12/2009


Posted 1:33 am, 04/12/2009

You are absolutely right.. If someone is allowed to get by with harassing habits for six or eight years, getting more and more bold every day, means absolutely nothing. Again I think he shot the poor old guy out of self defense, remember. No worries man. Let people go unsupervised and they won't get out of hand you are absolutely right. Six or eight years ago, whatever. You have never been on the receiving end of an unlawful assault by a gamewarden. I have personally seen this behavior but again "hearsay" :) No problem man... No problem.... Keep letting an abusive person get by with a slap on the wrist for six or eight years and it wouldn't have nothing to do with nothing if they killed somebody today huh. You guys have to be law enforcement you just have to be LOL.... And for the last time Goodnight.... Keep up the good job you do guys... Makes me sleep better at night....


Posted 1:43 am, 04/12/2009

So im guessing you knew and witnessed that he and everyone else with a complaint all went unsupervised. I mean you have to be kidding me with this self righteous crap you have going on.


Posted 1:53 am, 04/12/2009

This year I have promised my daughter to take her turkey hunting! I know, I will have more on my mind that day than hearing a Tom gobble!
Everyone Please take time to pray for both familes, tomorow there will be childern laughing and playing hiding Easter Eggs, Familes joining together to attend Chuch and family dinners. A true blessing will be if each and everyone, will take time to bow their heads and pray for both familes that have suffered over this terrible Sat. morning on Cain Creek


Posted 1:55 am, 04/12/2009

I agree with you. Thank you. I hope you and everyone else has a wonderful Easter


Posted 1:56 am, 04/12/2009

i don' t know what happened in this mans death but a deputy told me when the other occurance happened with mike mcneil that the law makers had given wildlife officers more power than deputy's and more than highway patrol. he said before a game warren could not go on a person's property without a deputy going with them. they changed that law and now they can according to the deputy that told me about it ,they can go anywhere they want to . doesn't matter if its private land or what. they can write citations for speeding or operating a atv on the highway . it seems they can do what ever they please. i do not think that is right myself. we lose more freedoms everyday and a mans own land is not private anymore. theres always someone who wants to control you and your property and what you can do on it or do with it. i am not saying hurt others or kill someone but you should be able to defend your property and what you own. i respect others property but i know alot don't but there is no reason to harm someone unless they will not leave or intend to harm you.
heres a question. i don't know what happened and mr. coffee will never be able to defend what happened to him or what he thought. could the warren since he knew the person and the property this man owned not back away and then go later and arrest him along with some other warrens. thats just an option rather than shooting someone. mr coffee was no threat to anyone else. has it gotten to where you have property that the game warrens can trespass on and do as they please on your property. evedently it has. maybe they should train them to think of better ways to handle some cases . but then you have some no matter how they are trained they do what they want and say anything they want.

alot of people have died for our freedoms and alot have sacraficed alot for freedom but our outstanding law makers take it from us all the time. they want to control everything you do anymore. if tehy can't get money from you for taxes or make zoning laws to restrict you from doing things with your property even though it doean't hurt anyone eles they make laws so law inforcement can come on your properyt uninvited and investigate you and see what you are doing. they are afraid they might miss a dallor. i for one hate for anyone to come and tell me what i can do on or with my property unless i am hurting someone else.

its late so thats all i am going to say for now. loss of freedoms is one thing that really ticks me off and we are suppose to be the lad of the free. more free that others i guess but we lose more everyday for one reason or another.


Posted 2:01 am, 04/12/2009

You have said several times "he shot the poor old guy out of self defense". You said in one post that you knew this for a fact.
If you know this then why are you trying to condemn the Game Warden? What would you have done? You said I had " never been on the receiving end of an unlawful assault by a gamewarden. That might be true but have you ever been in the game wardens shoes? Have you ever been alone in the woods confronting a angry person with a gun? Ever had a gun pointed at you and been told by the person that they were going to shoot you? Again I ask you, Waht would you have done? Shoot or get shot? Thats not too hard to figure out is it?


Posted 2:14 am, 04/12/2009

Exactly DZ7Z ! I mean some people on here just shock me with there lack of knowledge. What happend was a tradgedy and nobody really knows what happend like I have said before. If you had to deal with what game wardens and cops deal with on a daily basis you wouldn't be so judgemental of them. Just keep praying for the older gentleman that was killed saturday morning and the game warden.

old timer

Posted 7:21 am, 04/12/2009

self defense is the ruling! the law no longer recognized private property rights! who believes Mr. Coffee had the lawful right to tell the game warden to get odd his land? do we need people with guns and badges like that in Wilkes?


Posted 7:22 am, 04/12/2009

let the s.b.i do there thing .some people on here need to get a life.some think they no everthing when they no nothing.just pray for both sides.and stop all the crap when you no nothing about the case most or if any no anything about it .was you there?

wfd fireman

Posted 7:37 am, 04/12/2009

All I'm going to say Is my Prayers go out to the Coffey family.. Just remember God will take care of It from here..

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