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Wilkes County DSS


Posted 10:08 am, 04/14/2008

DSS is a joke! My parents were given temporary custody of my ex-sister-in-law's two girls in November. There's no way she'll ever get them back being the drug addict sorry piece of crap she is. Also a shoplifter. DSS keeps telling them they're working on getting them full custody but they haven't done anything so far. Any time they need to talk to DSS it's like pulling teeth with pliers. They can never get a person when they call and nobody ever returns their calls.


Posted 11:36 am, 04/12/2008

At one time I was on the side of DSS. Then I saw them at a house where the woman was selling and taking drugs and they told her as long as she didn't do it in front of her girl it was fine. The woman even told them she couldn't pass a drug test and she is on probation.


Posted 11:27 am, 04/12/2008

They are a joke. Some of you may remember around Christmas my foster son ran away. I called them and as of today no one still knows where he is. I called the police in Jan to report information that I had gotten and DSS had never filed a missing person report ( almost 30 days after) so they had no knowledge of anything. I know i have called DSS several times and the child has been with drug associatied people and in dangerous situations, still nothing??? He is their resposnibility they have custody and still ?


Posted 11:19 am, 04/12/2008

Well kitkat...I would say that you are a little p***sed off today.To what the???If you pay attention to the post kitkat is stating that DSS does not protect children...that Wilkes County Social Workers are scared of reprocusions if they stand up for what they believe, because they are afraid that they will loose their jobs or worse. If the caseworker that is now assigned to the case believes that the child is being abused and that the former caseworker and the department is wrong, to not stand up and speak out makes them just as guilty as the rest, in my opinion. "The caseworkers aren't doing their jobs and forging documents." I know first hand exactly what kitkat is talking about. You call DSS because a child is being abused and they do nothing, then to cover their butts, because they have broken the law and their own policy...they forge documents. In the mean time while they are covering their asses, children are still being abuse. DSS doesn't care about the safety of the child...just their own asses.


Posted 7:39 am, 04/12/2008

What The, that is an APPROPRIATE name for you.. I can see your point.. I felt the same way until I HAD to be involved with them. NOT because we needed "help" or anything. Because they involved US. I can't just track down and shoot my step-daughters dead beat mother. Though I wish, I HAVE NO recourse but to go through DSS to see she pays child support.As far as calling DSS on someone who is neglectful. Every time I called they would discount me because I was the "step mother". Or my father in law would call when my step daughter was covered head to toe in rat bites and they would discount him as well. So FINALLY when the SCHOOL called them, they took all of them away and all the times we called were used against her in court. Too bad it took as long as it did..


Posted 12:22 am, 04/12/2008

This counties dss is nothing but crooks. All they care about is destroying peoples lives. I have never seen a bigger waste of tax money then the paychecks they get.

What The?

Posted 10:55 pm, 04/11/2008

So how is any of this DSS's fault. What are they supposed to do? Raise our taxes so they can sit at everyones house and babysit them? You guys can't have it both ways. DSS is there to help and I guess they do to the best of their abilities. But they can't just take away someones kids because somebody says something. Everybody raises their children diferently and whose to say what is right or wrong. Unless a child is truly being abused DSS cannot do anything. We can all disagree with how our neighbors raise their children, but our idea of wrong is not necessarily their's.


Posted 10:28 pm, 04/11/2008

I know one person that has had dss called on them several times and they always seem to find out they are coming some how and clean up the house and the kids before they get there why cannot they do surprise visits.


Posted 9:42 pm, 04/11/2008

pumkin that is well said, I have known of a few cases where DSS wouldn't do anything and there was signs of abuse and neglect, but then i know of one when a lie was called in and they removed the child, I have never understood their policies at DSS , seems the more sorry you are the more they reward you.


Posted 9:39 pm, 04/11/2008

I agree with kitkat on the issue of childrens well being. I have seen children living in complete filth. I couldn't imagine haveing children brought up in that home. I was told DSS was called, I was blamed for calling but didn't. I would if I seen abuse, but the filth can not be healthy that those kids live in. So much trash inside and out that you could barely walk though the entire home. This is no exaguration (sp?)!!! But I know it does no good to do anything to me it seems like the ones that try to teach there kids right from wrong and make them mind are the first to have them removed. But kids that live in complete filth, drug use, and drinking they just leave alone Why is that?Well I am stopping now because this just upsets me to think about it.

What The?

Posted 8:39 pm, 04/11/2008

Hey here's a novel idea. why don't you all just grow up and be adults and not have to go thru DSS. The fact that your there means that you screwed up in some way. They are there to help the truly needy and they do a great job at that. Unfortunatly for them and us tax payers we all have to pay for the rest of your stupid choices in life. They are in your life because of choices you have made, not choices they have made. I am sure they would be happier, as would the rest of us, if you could just all govern your lives in adult manners. There I feel better :)


Posted 8:23 pm, 04/11/2008

With the EXCEPTION OF ONE child support case worker there, RB, who ACTUALLY DOES HER JOB (thank you), dealing with them is a crock and a half.. Go to Raleigh, skip the stress and middleman they call case workers in Wilkes :)


Posted 8:05 pm, 04/11/2008

I dont go though dss no more when i need anything to do with my child support i go straight to raliegh it gets done 10 times faster. My boyfriends sister hasnt had her daughter in over a year and her case kept getting delayed over she finially got it heard last week and she is getting her daughter back the social worker told the judge it had been going on long enough.


Posted 8:04 pm, 04/11/2008

sounds like you should file a complaint.


Posted 8:00 pm, 04/11/2008

Wilkes County DSS is a joke, I thought that DSS was here to help protect children not sit there and fight and drag things out with the parents. Some Wilkes County Social Workers are scared to stand up for what they believe in because they are afraid of who they work for. DSS has the means to help these children but they just dont care. If a case worker really cared and stopped pretending they are doing their jobs by forging documents maybe the children and families wouldn't suffer anymore. DSS is worse than the mob!!!

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