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Posted 3:48 pm, 10/10/2019

The former dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez led the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.


Posted 3:04 pm, 10/10/2019

Sean Ahluwalia, BA Economics, MBA Information Technology

No; Venezuela is not a socialist state in the sense of having its government officially and constitutionally bound to socialist construction (this is what a "socialist state" means in the the Marxist-Leninist / Communist sense). At most, a socialist party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, held a majority in the National Assembly from 2000 to 2015 and two of the country's presidents have belonged to this party.

Now let's turn to the question you probably intended to ask: does Venezuela have a socialist economy?

The answer to this would unequivocally be no. The dynamic of capital accumulation still drives economic activity, most enterprises are privately-owned and profit seeking, the the wage-labor relationship is still in place - and even more fundamentally - Veneuzela operates in a global capitalist market system.

sparkling water

Posted 11:42 am, 10/10/2019

Peaches and roses are the promise.
Pits and thorns are the reality.

Abraham Drinkin

Posted 8:29 am, 10/10/2019

Half thinks Socialism is peaches and roses. Typical clueless lefty


Posted 8:08 am, 10/10/2019

Half is one sick puppy if he thinks AOC is trying to build a better world. She noticed that some people were listening to her, then got louder and those who were taken in by the media paid attention to her and she then kept going and getting louder cause she had some support.

Mad Scientist

Posted 7:57 am, 10/10/2019

Half has never traveled to a socialist country. Otherwise he wouldn't be talking out is arse.


Posted 7:38 am, 10/10/2019

That is just it, if you don't tow the line, you don't have any fish to eat.

That is what happened, everyone started to look to the gov't for what they needed, well the gov't is the people, so everyone was looking at each other, and pointing fingers, nothing getting done, now they don't know what to do. They have plenty of oil, but no one to work it. and that is what you think you want here??


Posted 7:32 am, 10/10/2019

That is just it, if you don't tow the line, you don't have any fish to eat


Posted 12:36 am, 10/10/2019

You righties just make up sh** about socialism. You don't know what you are talking about. There should be no unemployment under socialism. Unemployment is a part of capitalism. It is there to keep the workers toeing the line.


Posted 6:53 pm, 10/09/2019

Maybe they need a Sam Walton to sell that oil, and get them going again.

Mad Scientist

Posted 6:29 pm, 10/09/2019

Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves, but the problem is that oil can be purchased elsewhere.
Oil makes up over 95% of Venezuela's revenue from its exports. If Venezuela doesn't sell oil, the country doesn't have money to spend. The billions of dollars in revenue were used to finance medicine, social programs and food subsidies. But when the price of oil fell, those programs and subsidies became unsustainable. Oil prices were over $100 a barrel in 2014. Today, they hover around $50 a barrel.

Venezuela's food shortages became severe with Venezuelans going months, without basics. Despite a crashing currency and falling oil revenue, the government continued enforcing strict price controls on goods sold in the supermarkets. Unable to subsidize food purchases, food importers stopped bringing in virtually everything because they would have had to sell it for a major loss. Due to the reduced oil revenue, Venezuela became unable to pay for imports, which led to nationwide shortages. These shortages, drove up the prices on what imports were available. The increasing prices and lack of revenue, created hyper-inflation of prices on everything.

Venezuela's problems were and still is a direct result of Venezuela's socialist government.


Posted 5:43 pm, 10/09/2019

Why complicate socialism, it makes everyone the same, whether you work or not. If I want to work to have more aoc wants to take what I have and give it lazy people who will not work. you just act like a socialist because you think it makes you look like the younger people. Maybe you are down to nothing and taking away from others is what you want.


Posted 3:40 pm, 10/09/2019

You are so simple minded.


Posted 3:35 pm, 10/09/2019

Let her start with your house, socialize it, turn it into the homeless shelter, she might even pat you on your back.


Posted 12:04 pm, 10/09/2019

Tearing down your world is not destroying the world but improving the world. AOC is trying to build a better world.


Posted 10:03 am, 10/09/2019

AOC type policies ruins a proud nation, some people are destroyers, they can't have anything because they are too busy tearing down their house. Oh if she stays in congress she will become rich by taking the people's money like some of the others. Whereas she would be just a barmaid otherwise.


Posted 8:06 am, 10/09/2019

It was the nationalization of the oil industry that brought the country down. Government didn't know how to run the business and ran it straight into the ground. Investment was cut off. Companies sued to get their money back from previous investments. Then oil prices dropped and that was it.



Posted 9:27 pm, 10/08/2019

Lets see, you have Virginia Fox and I have AOC. No wonder you are pi$$ed.


Posted 7:46 pm, 10/08/2019

If he plays like a socialist, maybe aoc will like him.


Posted 7:17 pm, 10/08/2019

A few

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