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US military lost Wonder Woman’s jet


Posted 2:19 am, 09/19/2023

Another thing is if the plane's electronic warfare systems were active, no type of radar could see it.


Posted 2:16 am, 09/19/2023

A number of things happen. It lost power and cause the transponder to cut off. Radar was unable to see this type of plane. The only way to tract it was by the transponder. SC is not just beaches. SC has a lot of swamps which means not many people live there to see a plane. The reason the plane is so effective is the same reason they couldn't find it.


Posted 1:21 am, 09/19/2023

How safe are we when America loses a military jet aircraft and cannot find it when it crashes in South Carolina. I have been to Myrtle Beaxh this year and did not realize that South Carolina was such an expanse of unexplored wild frontier. Thank goodness rhe pilot ejected it he would have succumbed to any injuries before anyone found rhe crash site.

Not only did air traffic controllers lose contact, but nobody on rhe ground saw or heard the jet lightly crash. I love the interview I saw and the person interviewed said that the reason it was not easily located is because it was in stealth when it crashed. Americas stealth technology means rhat not only is the craft invisible on radar, but it is totally invisible and silent to people on the ground. I know in cartoons rhat you could not see Wonder Woman's jet. You could only see her fsquarting and flying overhead. Once the pilot ejected, I guess there was no way to see the jet when it softly crashed.🧐

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