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Unnamed cop murders a man in his own apartment, and no charges are filed

Joseph T.

Posted 9:50 am, 09/15/2018

What other nut jobs do you mean.


Posted 2:58 pm, 09/14/2018

She shot an innocent man. She is a legal gun owner that did not properly access the scene before shooting. Remember she is supposedly trained, what are all these other nutjobs doing?

Joseph T.

Posted 2:51 pm, 09/14/2018

It get even more interesting.


Dallas police officer’s arrest affidavit contradicts search warrant for victim’s apartment

Joseph T.

Posted 4:21 pm, 09/13/2018

That was my thought as well.


Posted 3:51 pm, 09/13/2018

Neighbors said she was beating on his door first, right? So her statement that she thought she was in her own apartment is obviously a lie.

From the Heavy.com link that JT posted:

Kinsey added, “I heard the lady cop say ‘I need to call my partner’ and another cop said ‘okay go but don’t tell him anything.'”

It sounds like they were already planning a cover up...


Posted 3:02 pm, 09/13/2018

Family came out today and said the rumors going around that they knew one another is just that rumors. To the best of their knowledge they had no relationship whatsoever.


Posted 5:41 am, 09/12/2018

If phone records or computer history show they had some type of relationship she has some splaining to do

Joseph T.

Posted 6:32 pm, 09/11/2018

New witnesses contradict Dallas officer's story in Botham Jean shooting



Posted 7:44 pm, 09/10/2018

.....well you aren't the OP of this one.....but you added alot to it.


Posted 7:42 pm, 09/10/2018

Joseph T......I am really impressed with some of the threads you come up with. You make ppl think, "dear god that could be me"......and how it's handled you take very personally. You're definately a protector of our fellow men and women, and fight for justice. We could use a dozen of yea!!!!

Joseph T.

Posted 3:30 pm, 09/10/2018

Joseph T.

Posted 3:27 pm, 09/10/2018

She could see more charges now.


leo(law enforcement officer)

Posted 11:02 pm, 09/09/2018

If Texas law is similar to NC you have to show malice and afore thought to have murder.


Posted 10:30 pm, 09/09/2018

Very interesting! I wonder why the manslaughter charge, though, instead of murder?

Joseph T.

Posted 10:14 pm, 09/09/2018

She has been arrested.


Joseph T.

Posted 11:37 pm, 09/08/2018

Either way I don't think it looks good for her


Posted 11:28 pm, 09/08/2018

Would be interesting to see if phone records link her and the victim. One sure way to tell if that had a relationship.

Joseph T.

Posted 11:17 pm, 09/08/2018

And the cop has been named.

The Dallas Morning News and a local law firm have identified the police officer as Amber Guyger. You can read more about Officer Guyger here.



Posted 11:10 pm, 09/08/2018

Straight up 1st degree murder if that is the case.

Joseph T.

Posted 11:06 pm, 09/08/2018

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