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Posted 4:13 pm, 09/14/2019

What's tysons shift hours and if anyone knows the starting pay for grounds maintenance


Posted 2:53 pm, 09/14/2019

I was in Wilkesboro both Saturday and Sunday afternoon and the Mavis Discount Tire Store had cars on their lifts being serviced.Who gets their oil changed on Sunday to make those poor guys work?


Posted 7:00 am, 09/14/2019

need:: Just how much Interest was that MMA drawing?? 10-20 % or more, or maybe .010-.020 %.. Just curious..


Posted 2:41 am, 09/14/2019

Seven days a week, what the **** are you all crying for. I work 14-16 hrs a day EVERY DAY , sometimes 3 or 4 weeks befor i take a day off. Its no wounder folks here dont have anything or are always broke. If you dont work hard an put money back then you stay at the mercy of company's like tyson. Take advantage of the money for a few years,then go start your own business .i worked for a company 6 years, 60 hours a week. Everything over 40 hours i put in a money market account. Ive been running my own business for 32 years now,i pay myself a salary of 225,000$ a year. The people who work for me earn over 75k a year. Hard work will ,long hours an dedication will set you free.look ahead,a few years down the road. Any one can do what i did. Have youu all heard the saying ,borrower is slave to the lender. Try Dave Ramsey way of doing things. SET YOURSELF FREE.


Posted 7:39 pm, 09/13/2019

How does being a nurse make you an economics expert?


Posted 7:34 pm, 09/13/2019

Is Tyson forcing another 7 day work week on its employees?


Posted 6:38 pm, 09/11/2019

I really don't think it's the Workers fault for not covering demands... When lack of help/Poor Management occurs, there's problems on the rise... Hard work has never killed anyone, unless maybe by stroke,heart attack and such...I personally knew several people who worked at that joint, most spent 3/4 of their life there.. Even though they're deceased, some still living are Physically Unable to even walk a lap around their house.. One person CAN NOT do 3-4 peoples work load forever...


Posted 5:53 pm, 09/11/2019

I am a nurse and Tyson doesn't have enough money. They can't meet their demand because people can't go seven days a week! Offer incentives if you want work like that maybe the volunteers would willingly work what they could! Working good employees into the ground isn't the answer!


Posted 5:35 pm, 09/11/2019

They are probably in the same situation as several other businesses I know of; they can't find enough people willing to work to keep up with demand.


Posted 5:30 pm, 09/11/2019

Heard through the grapevine. The reason for seven days a week was because they were only producing around 75-80% of customers orders if that much... Being said, if'in a company/business can't provide a customers order/orders, they'll get it somewhere else in full...

carolina blue

Posted 4:26 pm, 09/11/2019

They did the same at the last place I worked at but now that place ain't even in business now


Posted 2:49 pm, 09/11/2019

They are Hiring if anyone needs or wants a job.Even advertising for Nurse staff!


Posted 2:42 pm, 09/11/2019

i wouldn't do it.

I would not sacrifice my life and family life at the altar of Tyson foods...or any company.

North Wilkesboro Rotary Club

Posted 2:37 pm, 09/11/2019

I worked at Holly for about 25 years. I started off with a 45 hr work week, but we worked the hours the company needed to get the job done. I worked over 110 hours in one week. I felt I owed the company all I could give because they game me a job.


Posted 1:48 pm, 09/11/2019

Everybody needs a day of rest, even the bossmen and CEO's Get those dollar signs out of your eyes and treat these people humanely like you would want to be treated in their shoes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It will come back to you threefold. If not then there are others who sell chicken....

sparkling water

Posted 1:04 pm, 09/11/2019

Six days a week doesn't leave much time to look for a better job.


Posted 12:01 pm, 09/11/2019

Every employee should have a work-life balance no matter where they work.


Posted 11:56 am, 09/11/2019

My granddad told me he worked everyday for 6 years in the Textile mill. Sometimes 12 hr shifts during WW2. The ones that have been there for decades will survive. I don't know about the young folks. Think of the overtime.


Posted 11:25 am, 09/11/2019

They treat it like a sweatshop because it IS a sweatshop. Get my chicken sammiches out the door before ICE shows up and we have another shortage.


Posted 9:32 am, 09/11/2019

Tyson is going on one month working 7days a week! Many employees have been there for decades! They can't go seven days a week! I worked there when Tyson bought Holly Farms and Don Tyson said they would keep the name and cared about the people of Wilkes County. They have fired most upper employees some deserved it most didnt! They said it was because high turnover!!!!REALLY! They are treating their employees like a sweat shop!!! Why not start up a weekend shift! Be humane! People call Tyson with complaints over working our citizens so inhumanely! Local and corporate offices! Christians have the right just like all religions to observe the Sabbath and keep it Holy!

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