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Tucson cops kill suspect after he aims gun at police dog’s head


Posted 10:53 am, 10/01/2022

Francisco Javier Galarza aimed a semi-automatic at a K9

Bet he won't do that again!


Posted 9:55 pm, 09/30/2022

The dog is ok but dizzy from going in circles licking his own butt to get the taste of the suspect out of his mouth

Albert Pike

Posted 9:52 pm, 09/30/2022

Life's hard, it's even harder when you make stoopid decisions.


Posted 6:10 pm, 09/30/2022

If he aimed a gun at my dog, he would be dead. If he had not resisted arrest, he would be alive.


Posted 5:20 pm, 09/30/2022

Again the dog is a police officer so quit being such a loser.


Posted 5:18 pm, 09/30/2022

I was making a point that cops considered a dog's life was more value than a human life.

They're not wrong.

Humans suck.


Posted 5:17 pm, 09/30/2022

Acumen (view profile)

Posted 2:29 pm, 09/30/2022

I was making a point that cops considered a dog's life was more value than a human life.

The police dog is considered an officer stupid.

leo(law enforcement officer)

Posted 4:34 pm, 09/30/2022

Because action beats reaction every time, I'd say the bad guy was shot because he had exhibited his reluctance to being arrested, was armed with a deadly weapon and the officer shot him before he could point the gun at him or another (human) officer, it just happens they bad guy was pointing his gun at the K9 at the time he was shot.


Posted 2:29 pm, 09/30/2022

I was making a point that cops considered a dog's life was more value than a human life.


Posted 2:12 pm, 09/30/2022

The cop didn't shoot the dog, Max, you have it backwards. A suspect aimed at the dog's head, and the cop shot him to defend the dog.

The video I posted was in response to Mr. Dangerman's question about his rights if a cop shoots his dog.


Posted 1:43 am, 09/29/2022

FYI its usually the BATF that shoots dogs


Posted 1:25 am, 09/29/2022

In the original video that stared the thread


Posted 1:23 am, 09/29/2022

Where in the video did it show any officer shoot a dog??????


Posted 1:20 am, 09/29/2022

If a cop shoots my dog, there's a **** good chance I'd spend the rest of my life in prison for murder.

But legally, the K9 is a sworn officer. So threatening the K9 is no different from threatening any other cop.


Posted 12:41 am, 09/29/2022

I would shoot the cop anyway. Just asking for a friend.


Posted 12:40 am, 09/29/2022

I am still asking, does this mean if a cop shoots my dog, can I shoot the cop?


Posted 12:20 am, 09/29/2022

Appears to be an illegal immigrant

No he wasn't. But he did have an active warrant for his connection with multiple robberies.

Give the cop a commendation!


Thomas Hobbes

Posted 9:01 pm, 09/28/2022

Note from GoNC: this post was removed for racism.


Posted 8:53 pm, 09/28/2022

Yes Thomas, fill us in on what "appearance" tipped you off?


Posted 8:47 pm, 09/28/2022

The dog or the cop?

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