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trump IS A SOB


Posted 12:55 pm, 06/09/2019

Drumpf isn’t even close to being smart. I’m not sure if he’s a simpleton or just demented, but he’s barely coherent.

He literally forgot where his own father was born, for ****’s sake.


Posted 12:52 pm, 06/09/2019

Best President ever and not a crooked Politician!!!!


Posted 12:51 pm, 06/09/2019

smalltownman, you are pathetic because you are not even 10% of the man that Donald Trump is and you are just jealous that you are probably living in you a tiny house and drawing unemployment and have always wanted a woman that looks like Melania Trump not Hiliary (ugly) Clinton/


Posted 12:46 pm, 06/09/2019

1goddess, if that is a person that is a failure then I sure as H would like to be one. Like him or not, he is one smart SOB. He tells it like it is and isn't a slick willy like Clinton or Mr. Obama a that thought he was so wonderful that the whole world would be in awe of him......and got nothing done but apologize for Americans/


Posted 11:07 am, 06/09/2019

Son Of Batman


Posted 8:24 am, 06/09/2019


Posted 7:25 am, 06/09/2019

If Trump is a SOB and he won, what does that make Hillary?

Deep Creek

Posted 6:30 am, 06/09/2019

Wow.Such ugly talk.The I'm a man without faults train left D.C a long time ago.


Posted 6:23 am, 06/09/2019

Hairpiece may have the more clueless Trumpanzees fooled, but not Goddess, Rosestar, or me.


Posted 1:58 am, 06/09/2019

Worst President ever, Donald J. Trump


Posted 9:42 pm, 06/08/2019

It's took a long time for the gop'ers to get the stink off their hands from Nixon, but bet the smell from Mooron will last even longer

Wrestling grandpa1

Posted 9:35 pm, 06/08/2019

Sparkling keep saying that when you file your 2019 tax return and you pay instead of getting a refund...then let him pay it for you...after all during the campaign he said he would pay anyone's defense lawyer. ..another F##king lie....


Posted 8:31 pm, 06/08/2019

Ant it great


Posted 8:30 pm, 06/08/2019


Posted 8:26 pm, 06/08/2019

But ship for brains 🧠


Posted 8:26 pm, 06/08/2019

Goddess has good Hart.

sparkling water

Posted 8:24 pm, 06/08/2019

Goddess presents as a SOB, but I’m sure she isn’t.


Posted 8:19 pm, 06/08/2019

actually he is not, however he does present himself to act like one.

He is however a product of his father, who saw him as a complete failure...and he has proven that all his life.


Posted 8:00 pm, 06/08/2019

I like that sob compared to all the other sobs

Sparkling Water

Posted 7:57 pm, 06/08/2019

I like that SOB.

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