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trump IS A SOB

this n that

Posted 10:57 pm, 06/17/2019

Trump Genius..
president-trump-outwits-chairman-xi-jinping-ahead of G20 summit.

this n that

Posted 10:42 pm, 06/17/2019

Looks like Fred didn't consider his son Donald a failure at all.

And if you don't know yet that Trump is not just smart but a genius, then you must be a brainwashed liberal.

Fred Trump..."
I gave Donald free rein, he has great vision, and everything he touches seems to turn to gold. Donald is the smartest person I know."


Posted 10:15 pm, 06/17/2019

Anti wrote :Obama donated 78% of his salary to charity, which was 100% after taxes:......
Makes me think she didn't read it.

Makes me think that you didn't read the whole thing, Tilly The next paragraph after your quote says:

President Obama also more than doubled that charitable total by also donating the entire $1.4 million he received as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to ten different organizations:


Taken together, all those donations represented more than 78% of the total salary President Obama was paid during his time in the White House.


uncle jesse

Posted 3:28 pm, 06/12/2019

Better get used to it he's going to win in 2020 and he will be President till 2024 long live President Trump


Posted 7:53 am, 06/12/2019

It was a beautiful, warm letter. Beautiful letter.


Posted 9:40 pm, 06/11/2019

"we fell in love"


Posted 9:32 pm, 06/11/2019

Nothing matters because "Kim wrote me a beautiful letter."


Posted 8:28 pm, 06/11/2019

sparkling water

Posted 8:01 pm, 06/11/2019

Democrats everywhere are stockpiling tissues for another four years of tears.


Posted 7:36 pm, 06/11/2019

Hot Mess

Posted 6:53 am, 06/11/2019

TRUMP 2020!

Deep Creek

Posted 6:30 am, 06/11/2019

He may be a SOB.But John Dean.Come on.Who are they going to roll out next OJ.****** at least he'll be able to tell them how Trump got away with it.This is sad to watch.


Posted 5:57 am, 06/11/2019


Posted 12:13 am, 06/11/2019

Rumplickers are still defending their hiney in chief


Posted 6:18 pm, 06/09/2019

Anti wrote :Obama donated 78% of his salary to charity, which was 100% after taxes:......

and then gave this link as proof, https://www.snopes.com/fact...donations/

But this is what her link says.

Former president Barack Obama, on the other hand, did not convert his entire presidential salary into donations (nor did he promise to), but it’s false to say he donated “none” of it. According to Forbes, President Obama donated some $1.1 million (an amount representing 34% of the $3.2 million aggregate salary he received over eight years in office) to charitable causes during his tenure

Makes me think she didn't read it.


Posted 6:04 pm, 06/09/2019

Obama's bet worth was very small when he came into office but now he is a multi millionaire. How about the Clinton's new worth now. Donald Trump came into office rich and actually donates his salary to worthy causes.

Obama had a net worth $1.3 million in 2007, and made almost $1 million per year before becoming President:

Trump's value is unknown because he lies so much, and claims that his name alone is worth $4.1 billion:

But we do know that he forces White House staff to go to his golf resorts regularly, where he profits about $3.4 million each visit:

And he's projected to have visited his resort 306 times by the end of his term:

So sure, he donates his Presidential salary to charity, but he profits a LOT more than he donates.

But even if it were true, donating $400,000 by someone that makes millions is a whole lot easier than by someone that makes $400,000.

What other President has done that?

Obama donated 78% of his salary to charity, which was 100% after taxes:

Hot Mess

Posted 5:25 pm, 06/09/2019

TRUMP 2020!


Posted 2:57 pm, 06/09/2019

Not fake news gave you the four names who represent five people?


Posted 2:54 pm, 06/09/2019

Don't fall over, but I am not a fellow. Nothing dese about me. I knew the answer right away because I don't watch Fake News.


Posted 2:52 pm, 06/09/2019

Good Lord.

You are absolutely a dense little fellow, aren’t you?

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