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Transgenderism, climate warming and reproductive rights�How they intermingle


Posted 10:28 am, 09/19/2023

Any evidence at all that Sanger supported race based eugenics?


Posted 10:26 am, 09/19/2023

We agree that is why it started but ain't in agreement who started it, A.


Posted 10:26 am, 09/19/2023

So if an organization takes someones name of a building that means the person whose name was removed was a Nazi? How does that make any sense at all? You wouldn't know what proof was if it sat on your face.


Posted 10:24 am, 09/19/2023

Ok, we admit, the right started planned parenthood to reduce the black population.


Posted 10:23 am, 09/19/2023

I guess you didn't read that paper you posted singer because it completely disproves you and Fred's assertion.

"To presume that any supporter of certain eugenic policies at some point in its history must have also supported the race-based use of such policies,

either in the United States or Germany, is simply inaccurate. To imply that all supporters of some fonns of eugenics can be vüified as pseudo-Nazis is a vast oversimplification. To make the larger leap and say that professional programs that such people were associated with 50 or 100 years ago are there- fore irreparably tarnished today because of this connection is nothing less than absurd.

A final point is that a major concern regarding the Nazification of M. Sänger relates less to our professional obligations to critically analyze histori- cal facts, and more with the place of such Nazifica- tion within the larger context of the sociopohtical culture within which we live. I believe that the incredible horrors of the Holocaust are diminished, and the suffering of its victims demeaned, when we consistently invoke them to support our per- sonal political agendas, when we stretch ever- increasing lengths to bring opponents under the "Nazi umbrelk," and when we caricature all opposition leaders as being yet another Hitler."

So yeah, thanks for making my point.


Posted 10:18 am, 09/19/2023

HB6 ill repeat it long as the left whines about the right. They took her name off the buildings proof enough.


Posted 10:16 am, 09/19/2023

Von Brown and the space program, how many degrees of separation?


Posted 10:14 am, 09/19/2023

Margaret Sanger and the Nazi's , how many degrees of separation?


Posted 10:04 am, 09/19/2023

You certainly repeated it enough Fred, but do you have ANY evidence that Margret Sanger was a Nazi? I don't think you do and this is yet another one of your too dumb to research claims you saw somewhere.


Posted 9:47 am, 09/19/2023

America pushes the space program which the Nazis started also.


Posted 6:57 am, 09/19/2023

Democratics push planed parenthood that a Nazis started.


Posted 2:27 am, 09/19/2023

By the way, it was conservatives who pushed birth control and abortion for the reason to limit population. It was a GOP President who signed abortion into law.


Posted 2:24 am, 09/19/2023

If the GOP raised their kids correctly, the GOP wouldn't have to worry about them becoming trans. History has shown that conservative parents have always been bad parents. I remember when everyone was upset about white girls dating black guys, it was always the girls from conservative who was doing it. Also, the only girls I know having an abortion were girls from conservative families.


Posted 1:12 am, 09/19/2023

Liberals are all about promoting transgenderism in children and protecting them from hate and abuse and hate. However is furthering transgender surgeries and hormone therapies not a violation of that minor's reproductive rights when they are older and want a child but can't because of how their physical reproductive system has been mutilated physically and chemically? I think the far left liberals are using the transgender fight to promote their push for climate control by reducing the number of future births by "castrating" males and females alike. So in a way liberals will protect the right to end an unborn life but they want to take a way the right to create a life. The new conservative push for stopping these transgender therapies in minors should be relabeled as protecting future reproductive rights so the liberals would join in.🙃

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