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To Whom Could This Be Reported?

jack rip her

Posted 11:44 am, 01/14/2019

oakwoods dummie (view profile)

Posted 8:38 am, 01/14/2019

Jack, errrr ya musta got lost under a rock somewhere, deeds are online and have been for over a year

No I am exactly right. You have to pay them 150.00 bucks a year to access public records in Wilkes chicken squirt county. Join the rest of the state and provide them free. btw Surry is also like Wilkes, you have to pay them also.


Posted 10:44 am, 01/14/2019

Wellsfargo allows for individuals to bid on home earlier than investment or real estate businesses. That doesn't mean the individual will get it, they just get first bid.


I believe troubled has a misunderstanding of their policy.

oakwoods dummie

Posted 8:38 am, 01/14/2019

Jack, errrr ya musta got lost under a rock somewhere, deeds are online and have been for over a year


Posted 6:13 am, 01/14/2019

I think it is really sad then that this family is taking advantage when these homes could be used by families that need a home


Posted 9:16 pm, 01/13/2019

As jack pointed out, the only way this could be enforcible is if certain loan programs were used to finance the sale. If a bank does have a policy to try to sell to people living in homes instead of investors, there’s nothing legally enforcible about it. It’s just an goodwill effort on their part.


Posted 9:11 pm, 01/13/2019

If I buy a house and the bank loans me $ to finance the house.I do not think that the bank could require me to live in the house.Wells Fargo has paid out the wazoo for foreclosing on houses that should not have been foreclosed on.


Posted 8:26 pm, 01/13/2019

Wells Fargo has that policy. And I am pretty sure there are some officials who are aware.

jack rip her

Posted 1:37 pm, 01/13/2019

Troubled if that chicken squirt register of deeds of Wilkes county were on line for the public like the rest of the state we could get a great handle on what is going on.

jack rip her

Posted 1:32 pm, 01/13/2019

Troubled the only "bank" that has a requirement that you have to live in the house is Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Secretary of housing and urban development, USDA. They will fine an individual 250 thousand if they dont live in the house for 2 years.

Name the bank you are speaking of.


Posted 11:01 am, 01/13/2019

And what do you think would happen? Even if what you said is true, no law was broken. Even if the bank does have a policy to try to sell to home owners instead of investors, that’s still just a guideline. Nothing forces them to do so. You are whining over someone else getting something. Mind your own business

Joseph T.

Posted 11:00 am, 01/13/2019

if you weren't interested in the house why do you care mind your own business and move on with life


Posted 10:52 am, 01/13/2019

trouble, maybe the best thing you could have done, is to have gathered your proof and presented it to the bank officials...

sometimes there' is nothing but "dead horse's" on gowilkes...sorry!


Posted 10:23 am, 01/13/2019

I feel like I am beating a dead horse here. I was not interested in the house. The bank has a policy that it sells foreclosed homes to individuals who are using the house as a primary residence. This relative of a realty company owner bought the house representing himself as a homeowner. The house was updated and flipped. He spoke to the buyer as if he had lived in the house, which was a lie. He never lived there. This is fraud.


Posted 11:12 pm, 01/12/2019

There’s nothing fraudulent because there is no law about this. The bank has followed the laws on the foreclosure. I also doubt that the bank has any policy about who buys the house after the auction. They just want the house off their books for as much as they can get. Someone is just angry that a house got bought out from under them for more money.


Posted 11:10 pm, 01/12/2019

If it's the family of a real estate agent who knew before the public a property was going to come up for sale or be foreclosed on before it was advertised I would think this would be considered a conflict of interest. I think I know who you mean. Is the male agent new to the scene & the one buying is his girlfriend? And they're in it together? You could report them to the Real Estate Board for an ethics violation. Either to the Attorney General or at Realtors.com.
I'm not sure just speculating.


Posted 11:04 pm, 01/12/2019

It sounds like what you are describing is fraudulent misrepresentation in order to get financing for the homes.

I would imagine that would need to be reported to the lending institution itself...just depends on how the contracts and mortgage were written. If they were cash deals, there is nothing to report.

If a real estate company is involved and setting up these fraudulent purchases in any way...then that would need to be reported to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.


Posted 10:25 pm, 01/12/2019

A person who bought a house was lead to believe this person lived in the house. They NEVER lived there.


Posted 10:23 pm, 01/12/2019

No. What I am referring to is some banks have a policy about foreclosures. Their policy states they will give priority of sale to individuals who will use the property as their primary residence. These people are buying as homeowners, flipping and selling.

jack rip her

Posted 2:39 pm, 01/12/2019

Troubled I think you and your source are confused about how foreclosures work. A property is advertised in the local paper in NC and you or billy bob have the right to go to the foreclosure sale on the court house steps and bid on a property. If no one bids and upsets the banks bid in 10 days then the property belongs to the bank to do with as they please.

the shadow knows

Posted 2:29 pm, 01/12/2019


Posted 10:23 pm, 01/11/2019

Does the clerk’s office have an obligation to let someone know?

Just walk in the clerks office and as you come in, to your left, is a poster board with foreclosures pinned to it. Take your pick.

Once the bank buys it back it is up to them to do what they want with the property.

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