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Posted 10:13 am, 10/26/2021

You know it's to jack the prices up.


Posted 10:08 am, 10/26/2021

So when all these container ships get unloaded....will the prices go down since there would be an influx of goods? Or is this just another fake "shortage" and "inflation" BS.


Posted 9:58 am, 10/26/2021

afic, I have to say you can dream up some good ones although I can see a similarity here: Destroy the existing system before you have something to put in its place, just like getting rid of Obamacare before you have anything to replace it.


Posted 9:41 pm, 10/24/2021

I see Mr Hankey likes to forget (or probably doesn't know in the first place) that Nixon had a plan to restructure healthcare in America. There was a reason for his moves on insurance. Actually, Obamacare came from the basis of Nixon's plan.


Posted 8:34 pm, 10/24/2021

This could be a real smart ploy on the part of the Republicans, Nixon sold us to China; Rump sells us to Russia. After they destroy each other fighting over who owns what we can step in and pick up the pieces. Nah! They aint that smart.


Posted 4:29 pm, 10/24/2021

did the same thing. LOL It is hard to type in the dark.


Posted 4:28 pm, 10/24/2021

Jimmy Carter sis the same thing. That is the one thing I had against Carter.


Posted 4:26 pm, 10/24/2021

Nixon sold us to the Chinese Nixon tried to arrest a depression by putting a wage freeze on the lower income earners, no price freeze though. Nixon removed the tax allowance on health insurance premiums and car loans. And to put icing on the cake he tried to get steal private information so that he could steal an election, you repub's arent exactly batting a thousand there are ya? But I'm sure you'll be working on it when you can get together with good old Vlad. Guess yuo've got a pretty good start with the voter suppression crap they'pulling off in the red states.


Posted 1:59 pm, 10/24/2021

Centurion the worst gift that keeps on giving from Nixon is "The Nixon Shock of 1971" which no administration has attempted to reverse since. Now some Nixon apologists would claim Nixon had no choice but to severe all ties between gold and the dollar to pay for both the Vietnam War and the vastly expanded welfare state. Perhaps there is some merit to that but the problem is government spending money it doesn't have to spend either way. It's not a problem that is exclusive to either party just like selling this country out for their own vested interests and for party loyalty are things both parties are guilty of. Yet we play along with Republican this and Democrat that. They play the people for SUCKERS because the people buy into it time and again. Granted, I personally do sway somewhat towards the Republicans. As bad as the Republicans are I see the Democrats as worse but what does it really matter? Bad is bad no matter how you try and kid yourself. They have both pretty much ruined the country by now but we still play the game.


Posted 1:56 pm, 10/24/2021

In other words Cent, yes you both said that.It's easy enough to look back over your post. Try it!


Posted 1:30 pm, 10/24/2021

Tilly you should hook up with poopdoggie you're both about at the same IQ like minus something.


Posted 1:15 pm, 10/24/2021

Cent, did Acu not say NAFTA passed Congress under Bush?
And then you responded the repubs get credit for NAFTA?


Posted 10:51 am, 10/24/2021

Maybe California will go ahead and ban diesel trucks. That should help the situation.

interesting fact

Posted 7:22 am, 10/24/2021

Well, it seems both parties screwed up, so what else is new? But you have to admit that today, this country is in real trouble and it has happened in 10 months time. So what fool is in charge? Go Brandon!!


Posted 2:09 pm, 10/23/2021

Have you got your head outta yer arse yet? It would seem both the repub's and the dem's can take credit for NAFTA.


Posted 2:03 pm, 10/23/2021

Tilly, that has already been stated and accepted on this thread now get your head arse.


Posted 12:45 pm, 10/23/2021

Acu and cent, while both parties voted to pass NAFTA, it was both passed by Congress and signed into law in 1993. Bill Clinton was president. History lesson for today.

Deep Creek

Posted 10:18 am, 10/23/2021

Don't worry.Jen has an explanation.No worries.


Posted 10:04 am, 10/23/2021

Fun Fact: Goods made in America don't have to sit on some container ship out in a harbor.


Posted 9:11 am, 10/23/2021

So the repubs get the credit for NAFTA gotta say it was very humble of them to pass it off to the dem's.

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