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The fascists are raising prices to hurt the democrat economy.


Posted 6:43 pm, 10/18/2021

I never claimed to be a credible historian. Why would I need to Acumen? You are the one making points that would need historical clarification. What is your evidence that Trump can in any way be compared to Hitler? What is it that Trump has taken right out of Hitler's playbook? You made the statement now back it up with fact or admit that you haven't got a clue what you are talking about.


Posted 6:39 pm, 10/18/2021

Think about this. You are one of the world's super wealthy and you see the world moving toward socialism and hurting your wealth, what would you do to keep that from happening? You would do your best to hurt the progressive movement. One of the best ways is to cause liberal or progressive political leadership economic problems. When they enter office, you raise prices to cause economic slow down. You disrupt the supply lines. You find and support a candidate who creates division. You flood the internet with memes that points out the inequality of classes to get all the different economic classes to be at odds with each other. You support a fascist government.


Posted 6:14 pm, 10/18/2021

NChillBilly11175 (view profile)

Posted 4:16 pm, 10/18/2021

Acumen you must know things about Hitler that have alluded pretty much every credible historian. Please illustrate for us the similarities between Trump and Hitler?

Are you saying you are a credible historian?


Posted 5:23 pm, 10/18/2021

Biden's smokescreen


Posted 4:16 pm, 10/18/2021

Acumen you must know things about Hitler that have alluded pretty much every credible historian. Please illustrate for us the similarities between Trump and Hitler?


Posted 12:31 am, 10/18/2021

Way to go BRANDON!!!!!!


Posted 12:28 am, 10/18/2021

Acumen that is exactly how it works! If you were replaced by someone younger that could do the same job you could but for less money then you were not marketable enough to be worth the cost of employing you or the employer simply found more value in someone who could quite simply do the same job for less. That is how it works and how it always has worked. Perhaps not to the same extreme as pro sports but pro sports is the perfect example: it's a young man/woman's game. Everyone is always looking for a better value. And someone younger that can do the same job for less is a better value unfortunately.


Posted 12:10 am, 10/18/2021

It don't take much to get you going, does it? Oddly enough, this could be a play right out of Hitler's play book. It is ironic how much Trump's story parallels Hitler's story.


Posted 11:01 pm, 10/17/2021

I doubt you can even wipe your backside properly with the diarrhea that comes from your "knowledge".

These other enlightened imperialist fools are steering clear of you, even they can't swallow your obvious short comings.

Good news, the price of a steak went down this week from 12 bucks to 15 bucks. Go buy some steak, acu.

This is the bargain of a lifetime.


Posted 9:56 pm, 10/17/2021

NC, I am sorry but that is not the way things work. I know because I have been out there and have personal experience. That is the way they should work but they don't. If you are in any mid management or technical field, you will find out when you get close to 50. They will replace you with some young kid with almost no experience, just to save a few bucks. Almost any job anyone half way intelligent can do it with little or almost no experience. That is the reality of the work place.

interesting fact

Posted 8:58 pm, 10/17/2021

Well of course, the price of gas is Biden's fault along with everything else that has happened since January. A total disaster at the border, a disaster of the economy, disaster in Afghanistan, and a disaster of Harris and the old fool himself.


Posted 8:28 pm, 10/17/2021

Acumen there is a reason why politicians and bureaucrats are pawns to the wealthy and that is because the wealthy, the ones with massive wealth, are way smarter and more useful than the otherwise useless politicians and bureaucrats. Even if by chance the politician or bureaucrat are honest (fat chance there) if they had any brains at all they would be gaining their wealth and far more of it in the private sector.

It is not an employer's obligation to pay an employee enough to get the things they want or even need. The only obligation the employer has to the employee at least when it comes to compensation is to pay them their fair market value. Fair market value is determined by skill level (based on education and training levels) and demand for said skill. Someone who spent years in advanced education and aditional training beyond school and who also has experience that gives them the ability to do what few others can do is more valuable in the work force than someone that has little training or experience. Demand also factors in here. If you have no skill or there is no demand for your skill then what you are skilled at is of no value to anyone and that will be reflected in what your compensation level will be as well. If you are highly trained and experienced in a field where there is high demand that will make you far more valuable to any employer and your compensation level will reflect that. That is how it works and how it should work. It is not your employer's responsibility to see to it you can afford to buy a car when you can't afford a bus pass. It is not your employer's responsibility to see to it that you can afford to pay a mortgage when you can't afford to move out of your mother's basement. It is not your employer's responsibility to make sure you can have a porterhouse steak when you can barely afford a Slim Jim. Do you get where I am going with this? If you want more money then it is your responsibility to make yourself more marketable not anyone else's!


Posted 8:01 pm, 10/17/2021

More brilliance from Boomer


Posted 7:42 pm, 10/17/2021

The problem is they won't pay anyone enough based on prices. Things always cost too much. They raise your pay and turn right around and raise the prices, You are right back where you were. Pay needs to be a percentage of sales. If not, people on fixed income will get screwed every time.


Posted 7:03 pm, 10/17/2021



Posted 6:54 pm, 10/17/2021

You can tell these fools all drink from the same pond.


Posted 6:52 pm, 10/17/2021

Basically the Democrats plane to tax the rich specifically means tax the middle class into oblivion.


Posted 6:33 pm, 10/17/2021

If you pay people more prices on goods are going to go up. CEOs who are Democratics , republicans or whatever are not going to cut their own salaries. It's just like the government, if the government shuts down because of the budget they still get paid. All the rest of the people don't.


Posted 6:21 pm, 10/17/2021

The sad thing here is Acu's blatant ignorance and bottled reality via algorithm.

His reality is being dictated. He follows a projected reality brought to him by clicks, articles, nefarious insight injected directly into his psyche.

He's a pawn and he is utterly clueless of his own programming.


Posted 6:15 pm, 10/17/2021

OPEC is a multi national organization made up of 13 nations including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Nigeria the UAE, Libya, Iran, Venezuela, Gabon, Qatar, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of the Congo and Sudan. It is ran by some of the richest men on the planet and none of them are pasty faced white republicans. They control 44% of the world's oil production and have massive influence over the price of oil. They don't cow tow to Americans who aren't even in their ball park when it comes to wealth. Why would they? But they do have plenty of connections in Washington DC and plenty of bought and paid for members of both major political parties. So please tell me how "the Fascists" that you speak of have any control over the price of oil? OPEC sells the oil to the oil companies and control the price via supply and demand. You haven't got a clue what you are talking about!

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