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Thanks to FakeyComrade and his sidekick for bumping my thread multiple times daily


Posted 8:14 am, 05/15/2023

Yep, the TwinTrolls have skulked off into the darkness with their tails between their legs. But they did a good job of keeping the thread bumped. At least until the verdict went against them LOL 🤣


Posted 2:46 pm, 05/10/2023

Well, the TwinTrolls will let my thread wither and die, now that Rump lost his trial 🤣 Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Thanks for your superb job of trolling, TwinTrolls 🧌


Posted 12:34 pm, 05/09/2023

The Twin Trolls slacked off for a few days. But now they are back trolling in full force, keeping the thread strong. Even though 168 has resorted to mindlessly repeating herself, her efforts are appreciated. YOU go, trolls 🧌


Posted 7:27 am, 05/04/2023

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are doing an excellent job keeping the thread near the top. YOU go, trolls 🧌


Posted 12:29 am, 05/02/2023

YOU go, trolls 🧌 Thanks 🤣


Posted 12:53 pm, 04/25/2023

Wouldn't it look better on Rump if he did attend? Even if Judge says he doesn't have to, at least it would look like he respects the court. Even if we know he doesn't LOL 🤣


Posted 11:12 am, 04/25/2023

Oh the other thread is still going to hit 5000 at least. The tribute to the wit and wisdom of roseterde will continue, Still waiting to find out how it expects him to be incarcerated on a civil suit, in a trial he doesnt even have to attend, ROFLMAO


Posted 6:08 am, 04/25/2023

Jury selection begins today. The first couple of trolldom should really get into high gear now. Their obsession with rape should keep them wet and tingling as they troll 🧌 LOL🤣


Posted 4:58 pm, 04/18/2023

Maybe their noses have brown stuff on them? I guess it's not good to be a Rumplicker LOL 💩


Posted 2:17 pm, 04/14/2023

It seems that the luster is starting to wear off the troll twins noses?


Posted 12:47 pm, 04/14/2023

168 has been silent since she last bumped this thread. Did she have to get out of the basement and actually get a job?


Posted 12:15 pm, 04/09/2023

Happy Easter 🙏 to GW's Twin Trolls. Hope you two can have a nice romantic dinner together 🤣


Posted 12:58 am, 04/07/2023

168Minimum has her Bud Light and FakeyComrade has his Schlitz. They are probably cuddling on the couch tonight listening to Hitler speeches 🤣 YOU go, trolls 🧌


Posted 3:04 pm, 04/06/2023

The Twin Trolls 🧌🧌now seem to have a Bud Light obsession to go along with their rape obsession LOL. But as long as they keep bumping my threads I guess we can try to overlook their perversion 🤣


Posted 3:03 pm, 04/05/2023

Thanks Amoeba 🤣 I know you crave attention that's why you troll 🧌


Posted 9:01 pm, 04/04/2023



Posted 8:54 am, 04/04/2023

Some of YOUR fellow basement dwelling trolls 🧌 keep getting arrested 🤣


Posted 1:06 am, 04/01/2023

Thanks again to the TwinTrolls and to Dirt Bag as well, for so diligently trolling and bumping the rape thread. YOU guys are truly professional trolls 🧌 Keep up the good work 🤣 YOU go, trolls 🧌


Posted 1:57 am, 03/31/2023

Yay YOU twin trolls 🧌 got my thread past 1600. Thanks for all YOUR hard work trolling. You deserve to come out of the basement for a little sunshine and fresh air. And then go right back to trolling my thread LOL. YOU go, trolls 🧌


Posted 10:43 am, 03/30/2023

So much fun to sip my coffee and watch the Twin Trolls 🧌🧌 spin, spit and sputter as they edge my thread towards 1600🤣 YOU go, trolls 🧌

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