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Stimulus check


Posted 10:11 pm, 03/29/2020

Yea sure, it is the Republicans who are for the poor.


Posted 8:15 pm, 03/29/2020


granny smith

Posted 12:59 pm, 03/29/2020

And you Democrats when you get you Stimulus Check you should get down and Thank Every Republican you see cause the first Stimulus Bill the Democrats thought up was to give money to emissions on airliners, solar panels and windmills and to give 35 Million to the Kennedy Center and performing Arts and the Democrats wanted to give the American Worker Nothing all they wanted was Something to help the RICH not the WORKERS not helping the American People


Posted 11:16 am, 03/29/2020

All you Republicans that get a check should return them or forever be branded as a hypocrite for accepting a socialist hand out.


Posted 8:19 am, 03/29/2020

They too get checks.....


Posted 8:17 am, 03/29/2020

a friend told me people that draw social security or disability would get a check too . i thought it was only the working folks that will be out of work to get the stimulus check . my ? is who is right


Posted 10:57 pm, 03/28/2020

at what point am I wrong?

If this person has lived off the grid for their entire life for long enough to grow up and have kids... I need lessons on how to live and never be tracked.


Posted 10:50 pm, 03/28/2020

Brandon, stop showing everyone what a fool you are. People cover for other people. If you are an illegal, someone will help you get papers to work and drive. If not out of the goodness of their heart then for a few hundred bucks. That is how thing work. As big of a cheat as you are, you should know this.


Posted 10:43 pm, 03/28/2020

so no one is going to call BS on ese?

A. Lived an entire life in the US and never been asked for an ID?
B. Somehow got married without and ID? (If you've ever gotten married within the last 20 years, you have to have an ID to apply for a marriage certificate.)
C. Somehow you had 2 children and no questions were raised about your citizenship?
D. I can't imagine going even 1 year with out an ID, and somehow this person made it their entire life without having citizenship?

To answer the actual question... since you aren't a citizen, you wouldn't pay federal income tax because you don't have ***#. The program goes off the last time you filed your taxes, since you didn't file taxes, you get nothing... as of my last reading of the bill which is subject to change upon the house approving and Trump signing.


Posted 6:17 pm, 03/28/2020

now its up to $1500 thanks to pelosi!!!


Posted 6:09 pm, 03/28/2020

im gonna pay my county taxes with mine and a vehicle tax , thanks uncle sam for paying my taxes and those taxes are tax deductible so I will get those back on my next refund ..... maybe a stimulus 4 package ?


Posted 5:36 pm, 03/28/2020

So ese, you/tax payers can Afford for you to have children, but you can't Afford to apply to be a Legal citizen?? Makes sense......


Posted 5:20 pm, 03/28/2020

$500 sure ain't worth having a kid


Posted 2:40 pm, 03/28/2020

Wasn't aware of that. Not shocked though.


Posted 2:39 pm, 03/28/2020

What about the Congress folks $25K raise they gave themselves......nobody is talking about that.


Posted 2:33 pm, 03/28/2020

Please be nice.

I'm an undocumented immigrant. My parents immigrated to California when I was a baby and then moved here, so I've lived in Wilkes most of my life. My wife has a similar background.

We tried to get legal but it's just too expensive, we can't afford the process.

We have two kids, both born here.

Neither of us are working now, we barely have enough money for food. We are very scared, we don't know what to do. Our church is helping as many people as they can, but there are a lot of people needing help!

Does anyone know how the stimulus check will affect us? I know that we won't get anything since we're not documented, but what about our children? That $1,000 would sure help us buy food.


Posted 9:03 pm, 03/27/2020

We are all hamsters....

I don't like it either.


Posted 9:01 pm, 03/27/2020

yeah that was garbage, but I can see Trump saying "Fine whatever" to get the bill pushed out. Was Nancy taking advantage... of course.

Trump either had to waste time and fight it or just go along to get things rolling. Time was the problem, and he and she knew it.


Posted 8:56 pm, 03/27/2020

You are being scammed by the Government and you do not even care. I do not understand why you are OK with giving the Government more of your hard earned money for the sake of a political stance. The $1200 is a payment for you to keep supporting a bunch of crooks in Congress.

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