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sleepy joe's campaign promises


Posted 8:41 pm, 03/08/2020

She is looking forward to it. LOL


Posted 8:39 pm, 03/08/2020

singer thinks that the OP and his subsequent posts are "normal" LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
singer thinks that she is "normal" LOLOLOLOLOL
singer, what would you do if Trump grabbed you by the puzzy?


Posted 7:31 pm, 03/08/2020



Posted 7:29 pm, 03/08/2020

DNC changes rule to allow sleepy, tired quid pro Joe to take a seat during the debate.

It's amazing to ponder how the democrat party has been revealed since Trump's election. One insane thing after another for three years, and they have nothing but Sanders and Biden to show for it. And the country now knows exactly what they are.

When have you ever see a debate like the crazy ones we've seen from the Dem. Screaming, and talking over each other. Waving arms, raising hands like kids. It's just all very strange behavior. Desperation is what it looks like.

We are seeing actions from them that looks insane to normal people. They don't see it, they double down and look even crazier. And they pretend that Joe is perfectly fine, when we see him with our eyes falling a part.
They appear to be 'confounded' .

Trump looks every bit A Very Stable Genius by comparison


Posted 5:26 pm, 03/08/2020

sleepy joe promises to keep to the right of bernie the commie which is still too far left for America!


Posted 10:17 am, 03/08/2020

Those transgender folks are going to be hitting on you soon enough Con.


Posted 9:56 am, 03/08/2020

creepy joe promises that transgender equality is the human rights issue of our time.

Deep Creek

Posted 8:08 am, 03/08/2020

His sister is going too be First Lady.The hits keep coming from him.Sad part about it.He ain't done yet.There's more gibberish on the way.


Posted 7:59 am, 03/08/2020

LOL. Was looking at "Portraits"of "Presidents Past" What is it with Republicans? Electing so many "LARD BUTTS" .

granny smith

Posted 7:49 am, 03/08/2020

6 days ago while being on his bus traveling to another rally Sleepy Joe said "He's the only man who can defeat Ronald Reagan" Sleepy Joe don't even know who he's running against


Posted 11:07 pm, 03/07/2020

sleepy joe promises to restore obummer's failed mess.


Posted 11:38 am, 03/05/2020

sleepy joe promises to stay on the lookout for the next plantation to pander.


Posted 8:28 am, 03/05/2020

creepy joe promises to sleep with his sister and tell family jokes with his wife.


Posted 4:19 pm, 03/04/2020

sleepy joe promises to make lieawatha a deal she can't refuse.


Posted 9:21 am, 03/03/2020

sleepy joe promises to keep laughing at wunsie's fake outrage.


Posted 7:30 am, 03/03/2020

sleepy joe promises robert francis will be his gun grabbing czar.


Posted 5:30 pm, 03/02/2020

sleepy joe promises to remember super Tuesday is on Tuesday, not Thursday.


Posted 8:03 am, 03/02/2020

creepy joe promises clown can keep channeling his inner swucy.


Posted 12:48 am, 03/01/2020

Aww did Creepy Joe not rub your thighs for you tonight grumpy pants?


Posted 11:57 pm, 02/29/2020

Glad to see you're still following the drift along with gumbo, clown.

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