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Senator Tillis on TikTok and China


Posted 10:50 am, 03/24/2023

The book of face is what needs to go. Meta paid off these congress people and they aren't even hiding it.

If you are afraid of China, put the phone down and go back to landline only. Delete all those game apps or basically any app on your chinese made phone.


Posted 10:30 am, 03/24/2023

The reason behind Nixon's administration for kissing up to China was to prevent them from joining Russia against us, well guess what?

It would have been easy to use military threats against China back then, no way that's possible anymore.
One of the greatest attributes of a statesman is foresight. The Republican party has not produced a president with foresight since Teddy R..


Posted 10:34 pm, 03/23/2023

Four responses from our liberal leftist zhitZ, all deflections.

YOU go, zhitZ!


Posted 10:02 pm, 03/23/2023

Yep Nixon started the China love ROTFLMAO


Posted 8:00 pm, 03/23/2023

There are thousands of apps, I'm not sure why singling out one is beneficial. How about just make a rule that these crooks can't sell data?

Of course there is a way around it, they make us pay to use their app, but they know and we know that no one will pay to use them trash social media apps.


Posted 5:43 pm, 03/23/2023

Curious how China is such a "grave threat" to the USA, yet corporations couldn't wait to set up shop there, while giving China all their technology.


Posted 5:19 pm, 03/23/2023

Thanks to Richard Milhouse Nixon.

DB Cooper

Posted 3:45 pm, 03/23/2023

China is one of the greatest threats America has ever faced. Today there was an important hearing on Capitol Hill that exposed how grave of a threat China-based TikTok poses to the personal privacy and security of Americans.

TikTok provides the Chinese Communist Party with access to Americans' most sensitive personal information: your photos, videos, contacts, and call logs. It can even track your keystrokes and the websites you visit. If you or a loved one have TikTok on your phone, I strongly encourage you to delete it immediately.

Even more insane is the fact that

I also recently co-sponsored two important bipartisan bills to rein in TikTok.

One bill I support will protect Americans by blocking and prohibiting all transactions from any social media company in, or under the influence of, China and other foreign adversaries.

The other bill directly addresses the ongoing threat posed by technology from foreign adversaries like China by empowering the Department of Commerce to take action in response, including potentially banning TikTok.

I will continue to support a strong agenda that will stop the Chinese Communist Party's ambitions to replace America as the world's top superpower.

Thank you for reading and, as always, please reach out to my office if you or someone you know needs help with a federal agency.

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