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Sanctions hit Iran hard. Riots over currency


Posted 6:37 pm, 10/03/2012

I am Mr Bush (view profile)

Posted 3:21 pm, 10/03/2012

Make them hurt without sending one body or bomb their way.

That's foreign policy I can get behind.

Me too! Need more use of Sanctions instead of bombs and troops and getting our people killed.

I am Mr Bush

Posted 4:10 pm, 10/03/2012


WASHINGTON - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held out the possibility on Wednesday that sanctions on Iran could be eased quickly if Tehran worked with major powers to address questions about its nuclear program.

Speaking to reporters about protests in Iran triggered by the collapse of the Iranian currency, which has lost 40 percent of its value against the dollar in a week, Clinton blamed the Iranian government - rather than Western sanctions - for the financial troubles.

Secretary Clinton: "Of course the sanctions have had an impact as well, but those could be remedied in short order if the Iranian government were willing to work with the P5+1 and the rest of the international community in a sincere manner," she added, referring to a group that includes the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States - as well as Germany


Posted 4:06 pm, 10/03/2012

I agree that intelligence seems to indicate there is no bomb yet. Then again, how good is the intelligence? Personally, I don't think Iran is far enough along for weapons, but, within a year or 2 will have nuclear energy. By then, Mr. Iran will be out. The thing that bothers me about him is his religious beliefs and background and his clear and outspoken opinions about Israel...refusing to acknowledge it as a nation even. But, without more evidence to the contrary, I am against Israel starting anything at this point in time.

I am Mr Bush

Posted 3:56 pm, 10/03/2012

Well, both Israel and the US say they do not currently have nukes. I have no reason to say otherwise.

I do think they probably WILL achieve nuclear power and from that COULD get a nuclear bomb. Just look at Pakistan and India. They fought with each other all the time until both got the bomb. Now tensions have been forced to go a more even-headed route so they both don't get blown up. Iran probably feels if they get the bomb Israel just can't willy-nilly attack them without a huge consequence.

As far as will the country change after Diner Jacket leaves as President, I think it does. Now the populace can blame Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah can say "He's not my guy". If the Ayatollah's guy is president and the people hate him, it's a direct speak against the Theocracy.

That's how it'll get messy.


Posted 3:49 pm, 10/03/2012

So even when he leaves, not much will change.

Do you feel like Iran has, or is building nuclear weapons? If so, are they close enough to having them for Israel to have a legitimate concern? And should Israel do a pre-emptive strike?

Just curious what you think.

I am Mr Bush

Posted 3:43 pm, 10/03/2012

Right now the more Conservative party looks to take the Iranian Presidency when Mr. Ahmadinejad leaves office.

That could go either way. The Conservative party is more-or-less the lapdog of the Ayatollah.


Posted 3:41 pm, 10/03/2012

Ahmadinejad will be out in the fall of 2013. I feel like Obama is trying to keep Israel at bay and the US out of another war, trying to buy time for Mr. Iran to leave office.

I am Mr Bush

Posted 3:34 pm, 10/03/2012

Iran had their "spring" in the Summer of 2009. It was suppressed after a few weeks. The people there do not much care for their government. They don't like the theocracy they're forced to live under. The population is jealous of Turkey's secular government and western ties.

Once the Ayatollah dies, I see for a chance to get a true democracy and not this theocracy/parliament/presidency thing they have going on.


Posted 3:28 pm, 10/03/2012

Wow! That's a huge difference since 1979.

Still not sure if Iranian unrest is a good thing or a bad thing though. Not sure that an "Arab Spring" in Iran would be like the one in Egypt.

I am Mr Bush

Posted 3:21 pm, 10/03/2012

Make them hurt without sending one body or bomb their way.

That's foreign policy I can get behind.

I am Mr Bush

Posted 1:58 pm, 10/03/2012


Riot police in Iran have clashed with protesters in the capital over sharp falls in the currency, the rial.

Tear gas was used to disperse the demonstrators, some of whom were setting fire to tyres and rubbish bins. There were many arrests, reports say.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that scores of people gathered outside the central bank, calling for the governor to stand down, chanting anti-government slogans.

The rial has plummeted to record lows against the US dollar in recent days.

Their currency has dropped 40% it's worth in recent weeks. Just to give you an idea of their currency's value:

1979 (the revolution) 70 Rials = 1 USD

1998 8,000 Rials = 1 USD

2009 : 10,000 Rials = 1 USD

October 2011 : 10,500 Rials = 1 USD

April 2012: 11,500 Rials = 1 USD

August 2012 : 20,000 Rials = 1 USD

September 2012: 24,000 Rials = 1 USD

October 2012: 36,000 Rials = 1 USD

Their country is taking a huge hit and these sanctions are working to create unrest in Iran.

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