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Rex Tillerson is OUT

this n that

Posted 6:38 pm, 03/13/2018

Thanks Sparkling. He does.

sparkling water

Posted 6:32 pm, 03/13/2018

And God Bless TnT.

this n that

Posted 6:28 pm, 03/13/2018

Donald Trump, the brash New York billionaire real estate Mogul is more intelligent than every lib on this site put together.

And of course I don't mean numbers as in IQ numbers. Add all yours up and it will likely come out a point or two higher than Trump's all by itself.

I know you're think you're smarter, more educated, but you are really only brainwashed into thinking that. The rest of us are fully aware that you're amazingly stupid.

I mean every word of that, and not just to insult you, although I do find that enjoyable.
You're either stupid, or you don't want America, or Americans to be successful.

You backed obama, who deliberately planned, with other America haters to take this nation down a few notches. And he did that. He cheated, he lied, he committed crimes against this nation. He corrupted every important agency he was in charge of.
And in spite of all the evidence, you are not intelligent enough to grasp what a fifth grader would fully understand. And obama is not particularly intelligent. About ave.or a little above. But enough about obama, if there is really equality under the law in this country, he will go to jail for a long time.

I know how difficult that will be, but things really are different now..and who can say whose hand is at work here... so maybe. You certainly can't deny, , you've never seen anything like this.
Plus, you voted for Hillary. How is that possible while claiming you're so smart? You're pure stupid.

And America is very fortunate that Donald Trump was elected. He's been preparing for this job all his life.
I think SOMEONE up there likes him, a lot. So you may as well just enjoy the show, cause there's really nothing but an act of GOD that can stop this Trump Train.

You have no idea of the "gifts" this man was blessed with from birth , and the skills he's developed for 50 yrs using those gifts he was born with.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was Trump's minister. He wrote 'The power of positive thinking" the block buster book that everyone read. including me. That book was read by millions, and should be still. Trump is also from the generation of Dale Carnegie,s seminars that spread all over the nation. "How to win friends and influence people". Another book everyone read. We were an entirely different culture than the rot we have now.
It was a time of unlocked doors, and all that went with it.
I feel certain Trump took, those courses. He has put those skills to use all his life.

For a year Trump has been navigating through the swamp that has taken over our gov. in this country.
He is very cunning, and crafty. He has the life skills to sum up people quickly. He can read what the eyes speak. And he can tell when the eyes disavows the mouth.

He has taken this time to know the enemies that surround him. They are this nations enemies as well.. and some are in the republican party in high places.

They like the swamp. It's made them rich. They work for the Gov. being paid by taxpayers, and some how they all leave as multi millionaires. How does that happen ? And they are bound to their handlers, like Chamber of Comm. for instance.

I think Trump has hit his stride., confident in his abilities, and the plans to carry them out.
I think you're about to Trump 'unleashed'.
And here all this time you've been thinking how he would crumble cause he's just so 'thin skinned"...

But he'll need lots of help..
This is a job so big, it will take an act of GOD to finish it.
God Bless America, and God Bless Donald Trump POTUS.

sparkling water

Posted 5:46 pm, 03/13/2018

You Libtards get to the bottom of it every time.

I’m amazed the country survived till the 1960s without your help.


Posted 5:38 pm, 03/13/2018

bandit (view profile)

Posted 11:00 am, 03/13/2018

BTW, do you think Tillerson will now admit to calling Trump what he really is, "an idiot"?

Tillerson was the only person in the Administration to tell the truth

An idiot is a little harsh on Boss Trump..Idiot is defined as having a mental age of 3-7. He called him a moron which has a mental age of 8-12. You see the Boss is smarter than an idiot. He will tell you how smart he is but, I think moron is about his ceiling.


Posted 3:41 pm, 03/13/2018

I said it today....He only selected Trump to please Putin. Putin suggested Tillerson. But Tillerson just spoke out against Putin and now BAM he is gone.

Seems a bit fishy don't ya think.

this n that

Posted 3:37 pm, 03/13/2018

Only a few months ago the loons were saying that Trump chose Tillerson to please Russia because Russia helped him win the election. Now you're complaining because he's gone.
You sheep are just so stupid.

Trump is going after the Iran deal, and NAFTA. Tillerson was in the way. Why have someone around that you have to argue with when you already know exactly what needs to be done, and you're determined to do it?

Tillerson served the purpose he was needed for at the time. Trump will put in place the people that he needs to get certain things accomplished. When they are not useful any longer in the next thing
Trump wants to get done, he'll remove them and replace them with who he needs.

Note from GoNC: a portion of this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 2:18 pm, 03/13/2018

Who's praising him?

I don't think it is a compliant when someone says he may have been the smartest person Trump has employed, look at all the others.

Ole Sarge

Posted 2:14 pm, 03/13/2018

It is comical how fast dims move from blasting Tillerson to praising him. First he was a Big Oil rich white man. Now he is poor ole Rex.


Posted 2:06 pm, 03/13/2018

Trump didn't give them time.

Side note....People told to wash their clothes if they were at the same pub. LMAO - that's the solution to wash them.



Posted 2:05 pm, 03/13/2018

Just coincidence no doubt ?? Moron's cardinal rule "Thou shall say NOTHING negative about Putin or his cronies no matter how dastardly it may be"..Guess Rex forgot ?? But, Rex called Trump a "moron" five months ago..Reckon it took Rump this long to figure out what it meant ?

sparkling water

Posted 2:01 pm, 03/13/2018

Wouldn’t it have been easier for the Russians to have poisoned Tillerson?


Posted 1:44 pm, 03/13/2018

While in Africa Tillerson scolded the Russians for poisoning those two people....Moron fired him next day ? Figure that one out for yourself ??


Posted 12:15 pm, 03/13/2018

Mr. Tillerson is a high quality man. He probably offered to quit last week and the Press. made a show of letting him go.


Posted 11:55 am, 03/13/2018

Everyone should remember the old story... "Fire at Will"...


Posted 11:41 am, 03/13/2018

Tillerson hired by Putin I mean Trump and fired by Putin I mean Trump.

Tillerson condemned Russia for their chemical attack in the UK and Putin made sure Trump said "You're Fired".


Posted 11:33 am, 03/13/2018

I moved several posts that were off topic to:



Posted 11:11 am, 03/13/2018

bandit , we all heard it .


Posted 11:00 am, 03/13/2018

BTW, do you think Tillerson will now admit to calling Trump what he really is, "an idiot"?


Posted 10:45 am, 03/13/2018

I always felt that Rex was one of Hairpiece's saner Cabinet picks; SW: I hate to see him go, too.

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