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Posted 11:25 pm, 09/22/2012

Redyugobandit... I agree with you 110% on Rand Paul and when/if he runs for the presidency (from what I've seen/heard) thus far he can definately count on my vote. I am glad to see a Ron Paul supporter who isn't calling Rand a "sell out" for endorsing Mitt Romney. Those clowns are equally as ignorant as the ones who just bashed you for being an independent even if they do support Ron Paul. They clearly don't understand politics and what Rand was trying to do there. He was really in a "****ed if you do/****ed if you don't" situation there and he made the smart choice to avoid alienating himself from the rest of the GOP. Unfortunately, that was a huge problem for his father through out his career in politics for more than one reason even if most of those reasons were good ones. I agree with SMK with his comment about "hold Romney's feet to the fire". I think, no I know for a fact, that this was another reason Rand Paul endorsed Romney. He sat down with Romney, expressed his views and made sure Romney would either support or at least not oppose those views before he decided to endorse him.

I don't like Romney one bit but at least there is a chance of holding "his feet to the fire" as SMK said. The fact is this country can not survive another 4 years of Obama's wealth redistributing, economy wrecking Marxist ***. For anyone who has any understanding of economics, the United States Constitution, personal liberty and the Soviergnty of this nation the very idea of a 2nd term Barrack Obama with nothing to loose because he needs no longer appease the voters should be a ****ed scary thought!


Posted 7:44 pm, 09/22/2012

Amen. I like to call them sheople. Kind of like mindless zombies.


Posted 3:59 pm, 09/22/2012

Gillian a fake under any other name.. he thinks we're all afraid of him and his other screen names !!


Posted 3:52 pm, 09/22/2012

SMK is a propagandist and has posted under more than one screen name in this thread, so naturally he's the one calling other people fakes.


Posted 3:27 pm, 09/22/2012

It will never be more clear than this election. vote for Obama to steal money or io vote for Romney and hold his feet to the fire. As a man with strong libertarian leanings and friends I will tell you that the independents in the election will either vote for Romney or they decided to spite the country and give it the socialist failure that it deserves by handing the election to Obama by voting for a third party. we are very much nearing the point in this country where we deserve the collaspe of the American world that Obama has planned for us. The op is a propagandist plant and fake.


Posted 3:12 pm, 09/22/2012

Democrypts & Rebloodlicans

the new book by gov. jesse ventura


Posted 2:50 pm, 09/22/2012

@ Agrajag - "Vote now." Hmm! Last time I checked the election is still 45 days away! Talk about no brains!!

@ Fins - "Grow a spine...." "cowards." Obviously you didn't bother reading my profile!

@ NChillBilly11175 - I agree with 99% of what you stated. Yes, Ron Paul was the man for the job, BUT look out 8, 12, 16 years from now.....Rand Paul will be the man!


Posted 2:57 am, 09/22/2012

It doesn't really matter what you call yourself,you can vote for whoever you think is the right person for the job. Whatever you are registered as doesn't mean you have to agree with that party. That's like saying if you have black hair you have to marry someone with black hair.


Posted 1:52 am, 09/22/2012

As a conservative I can say shame on you Fins & Agrajab. People like you give the GOP and conservatives everywhere a bad name and you are no better than the Dumbycrats who are equally as ignorant and niave. People who know, before they even hear what the candidates have to say are the most ignorant voters and are a good example of why a "voter's aptitude" test should be required before anyone cast's a vote. Idiots who just vote the party line are about as dangerous as toddlers with loaded handguns and not for entirely different reasons.

Romney and Obama both suck! Again we are stuck with a lesser of two evils choice instead of a choice between two good candidates who both have the best interests of this country and the American people at heart. Obama is probably going to get his second term because thus far (and when I mean thus far I mean well before the nomination) Romney has been a lousy candidate. He is a double talking TRUE POLITICIAN with a power tie and a slick suit... an empty suit at that! Newt Gingrich, maybe even Herman Cain would have been a better choice. I like Michelle Bauchmann (for the most part) but she is simply un-Electable. Romney is just a smigeon of an improvement over Rick Perry and anyone would've been a better choice than Rick Santorum but the only true fiscal conservative with a consistant voting record and a brain ever in the hunt was Ron Paul. But I bet you guys didn't even know that, you probably didn't even follow the primaries did you? You probably knew from the start that you'd vote for which ever Republican they nominated and that was all you needed to know wasn't it? I said it from the start: If the GOP nominates Santorum, Perry or Romney they'll get another 4 years of Obama and they will have gotten what they deserve and I still stand by that.


Posted 12:54 am, 09/22/2012

Independents are indecisive cowards. You are the guess that always hold up the lines for everyone else at the movies, drive thrus, etc because you cant make up your mind.


Posted 12:43 am, 09/22/2012

I would say independents have far more backbone than any partisan hacks.


Posted 12:06 am, 09/22/2012

Independents are just weak minded cowards that cant make a commitment. Grow a spine before you get a splinter in your *** from riding that fence


Posted 11:45 pm, 09/21/2012

If you can't make up you mind by your age, then you have no brains.

You know enough. Vote now.

Don't pretend to be ignorant.

Obama doesn't need you vote that badly,but if you think he does then you deserve what we get.


Posted 9:59 am, 09/21/2012

Democrat or Republican......Left or Right......Dumb and Dumber! Think for YOURSELF and be an INDEPENDANT! ALL of the news channels, political commentators and pundits agree on only one thing....that it is the independants that will ultimately decide this election. Never been a registered democrat or republican and I NEVER will be because I don't agree 100% with either party platform. Fact is MOST americans don't either because the vast majority are CENTERISTS, they just feel like they HAVE to be allied with one party or the other or their vote won't count. NOT TRUE! Vote for the BEST candidate. I haven't decided yet and I probably won't until AFTER I hear the debates!

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