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RBG immortallity watch


Posted 12:51 am, 06/05/2020

God has truly blessed RBG 😃


Posted 11:24 am, 06/03/2020

How is it false?


Posted 11:23 am, 06/03/2020

swucy the scumbag snarks yet another false accusation.


Posted 10:32 am, 06/03/2020

"I do hope she is able to attend your funeral."

Uh, oh! Looks like the lunatic is getting close to handing out more of her patented death threats!

sparkling water

Posted 10:31 am, 06/03/2020

That's not really RBG. That's a body double. The unemployed body double who finished Hillary's campaign had extensive liposuction and nose work to get this new gig. They fooled most of the other Justices. All except Clarence T, who noted a diminished ability to Boogie on the Bench by the diminutive Justice.


Posted 10:23 am, 06/03/2020

No rosei.. she will die eventually.. And as a supporter of murdering unborn babies certainly will not be caught up in the air as Enoch.

I do hope she is able to attend your funeral. She should give your eulogy as another loyal supporter of murdering babies.

You two are destined to spend eternity in the same place, perhaps you will run into her, and can tell her in person how you adore her.
You can tell her every day forever, in between wishing for a glass of water and some air conditioning.


Posted 1:47 am, 06/03/2020


Posted 10:26 am, 05/15/2020

She has been known for a while for her immortallity

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