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Question for you Armchair Ethicists


Posted 4:40 pm, 12/03/2021

The Dog I. Have in my home is a member of my Family. It would be hard to put a member of my Family to be put to sleep cause he was Blind


Posted 4:06 pm, 12/03/2021

Anti, the way you worded that was right on, I tried but fell short.


Posted 2:19 pm, 12/03/2021

We had a Jack Russel that went blind she found her way around by hearing and sense of smell, you could tell she had memorized all the possible obstacles in the house and the yard so we made sure to leave everything in the sameplace. She would walk with us without a leash and if a car was coming would move onto the verge and of course with her sense of hearing she heard a car long before we did. Unfortunately she developed other problems in the following years and we had to have her put down. But until then she enjoyed life, dog's have a way of adapting.


Posted 1:41 pm, 12/03/2021

As always, there are a lot of things to consider.

I think of Quality of Life as a scale of 0 to 10... 10 being nearly perfect, 1 being bedridden, 0 being vegetative. What you have to decide is what level you would be willing to continue living, and pass that along t the animals that can't speak for themselves.

If human euthanasia was legal (which it should be), then I would say that when my QoL is 2 or lower with no chance of recovery then I would rather pass on rather than just sit and suffer needlessly. So I give my pets the same courtesy.

Blind but can still run and play? That might put their QoL to an 8 or 9, but that's nowhere near a 2.


Posted 11:56 pm, 12/02/2021

The dog pound is worse, they stick them in trailer and gas bunch of them at a time. At the vet they put them in deep sleep [death]. Remember they can't tell you what they want or feel [pain]. Never ever feel bad about putting one down if needed. I give them a good life, take them to vet when sick, keep their shots up, but I can't stand to see one suffer. I would never let one suffer. Don't think of yourself, I know it's sad, but think of them.


Posted 11:47 pm, 12/02/2021



Posted 11:46 pm, 12/02/2021

Mike you are insane, put the poor things down 15 years for dogs is old. They don't have long left anyway. Don't think of yourself think of them. But your decision, they are only going to get worse. I have no problem putting my down when it's time. I wish humans had the same options.


Posted 10:24 pm, 12/02/2021

and the choice should always be readily available!


Posted 8:00 pm, 12/02/2021

Owner's choice.


Posted 7:32 pm, 12/02/2021

I've got a 3 legged cat and a completely blind cat...they both are living a life of comfort and security!!!

1. sparky, you don't have any friends
2. NO you do not put down the animal due to blindess unless the animal is suffering.

Joseph T.

Posted 6:55 pm, 12/02/2021

I have had to put down several pets that were sick so they didn't suffer. We currently have an almost blind cat that my wife rescued as a teeny tiny kitten out of the road. It had to be bottle feed and keep in a warm area while it was growing and healing. During the daytime my wife kept the cat on her so her body heat would keep the kitten warm at night it slept in a box with a heating pad next to the bed. It is missing one complete eye and almost half of the other eye is covered by the inner eye lid that won't open all the way and the vet can't fix it. She is an indoor cat and has no problem getting around and we let her go outside with us to play in the yard and does pretty well out there as well but we don't leave her alone while outside.


Posted 6:20 pm, 12/02/2021

IDK but when people don't want a dog anymore, they take the dog to the pound where they are killed. Is there a difference?


Posted 6:09 pm, 12/02/2021

I would, I look at things this way, which is more humane, Whatever you have to live with the decision. I've known a lot of people that lets animals suffer too long. I think humans should have death centers when they get sick or just want to move on.


Posted 5:54 pm, 12/02/2021



Posted 5:53 pm, 12/02/2021

I got 2 dogs both over 15 yes old both have severe rheumatoid arthritis in their legs ( they having a bad time) their going blind and hard of hearing. They're familiar with the area that they're in so they get around pretty good for right now. I can't see euthanizing a dog or anything because it's blind.

sparkling water

Posted 5:46 pm, 12/02/2021

Should one have one's Dog Euthanized when one's Dog goes Blind ?

(I do not have such a dog and I'm not asking for a friend )

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