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Political sickness


Posted 12:46 am, 01/13/2018



Posted 12:25 am, 01/13/2018

I better go to bed, before the crap surely hits the fan.....I've enjoyed you so......night you sexy beast!!!!!


Posted 12:18 am, 01/13/2018

Ok should have said swelling up.....every time I put an asterisk, it deletes the last letter and adds 3 more asterisks lol


Posted 12:17 am, 01/13/2018



Posted 12:16 am, 01/13/2018

Well thank you πŸ˜€.....*ego swelling u****.....Ive always enjoyed talking to you too


Posted 11:48 pm, 01/12/2018

sexy to me has nothing to do with looks, or age....it's just an attitude.....and humor...omg you are eat up with it!!!.....since it's cyber world, I'd do yea!!....you have always been so kind ....to me, I'd call that a friend Cracka!......you are truly adoring.


Posted 11:18 pm, 01/12/2018

And the only danger I pose to the female population is after I've had too much taco Bell


Posted 11:12 pm, 01/12/2018

I know you clownin me HOL lololol
.... No worries....I'm un-embarassable if that can be a word


Posted 10:20 pm, 01/12/2018

Sarge On line personas let cowards make personal attacks, in the real world some of them would be defecating their teeth if the statements were made to a persons face. Said it before will never post any thing I wouldn't say to a persons face


Posted 10:01 pm, 01/12/2018

My husband is standing behind me cracking up.....lol....he knows I'm foolish!.....sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you


Posted 9:56 pm, 01/12/2018

ooooh Lord no baby......get back to that guitar, Solid Choice!......My 30th Anniversary is this month....to bad so sad your mine ......you are dangerous to the female population....I'm hoping you're aware of this.....


Posted 9:43 pm, 01/12/2018

I have to say craka that is the most sinsible thing I haven seen on here. Makes a lot of sense.


Posted 9:29 pm, 01/12/2018

Funny you should ask me that....ive played guitar for 22 years now....and at one point in time, played in a band in Salisbury. I used to consider myself a very good player. In the last few years, I've kinda lost my passion for it and my guitar needs some serious work done to it to get it sounding right again.... But I'm 41 years old and for whatever reason, my hands don't work as good as they used to so I don't play much anymore..... I been thinking about picking up the drumsticks again though


Posted 9:21 pm, 01/12/2018

....can you play a guitar baby?.....I'm crossing my fingers and my legs....LOL


Posted 9:15 pm, 01/12/2018

But this is a very good post OP..... Political sickness is about the best description of our nation's current spiritual malady


Posted 9:13 pm, 01/12/2018

@ HOL.


sometimes the words just come together right.... Other times I feel like I'm trapped in my own word salad.


Posted 8:51 pm, 01/12/2018

You are right ! This president has great ideals for the country, the people liked what he said and voted him in as president, and the democratic party rather see America burn then to see him make this country great again, all because it's not their party. That is sick but true. They rather bring illegals into the country to vote democrat, than to see the republicans triump.


Posted 8:42 pm, 01/12/2018

omg....I have goosebumps and an orgasm. Sooo with that said, I'm down on my knees,....cracka arse cracka......"WILL YOU MARRY ME?"......


Posted 7:56 pm, 01/12/2018

The sickness emanates from having two diametrically opposed parties that are more concerned with destroying each other than actually fixing the country.

If you take GoWilkes as a representative data set of the rest of the country, then I see several problems with how we communicate with each other and how we treat our fellow man.

1. People do not argue with logic and reason. Socrates invented his Socratic method as a way for ppl to be able to express their statements clearly and concisely with logic and reason. The Socratic method is the foundation of logic as we use it today.

2. When ppl abandon logic and reason, they get bogged down into personal attacks, red herrings, straw man arguments and other such logical fallacies that only serve to distract ppl from reaching a consensus. When ppl get bogged down in such verbal quagmires, constructive civil discourse completely breaks down and hostilities arise.

3. This site is not necessarily run amok with such individuals but these ppl are often some of the loudest and most prolific users of the site...with these such individuals, I can only hope and pray that these are just their online personas and not an accurate representation of how they really think and feel and how they treat their fellow man in the real world.

If your M.O. on gowilkes is constant fighting and engaging in hateful, non-constructive bickering with anyone that disagrees with your point of view, then you are a sad individual and your "arguments" only serve to make yourself look like a jack-mule, they increase your opponents resolve to disagree with you, and only further the hateful divide that has been developing between ppl in our country.

It's time we realize how short and precious life is.... To focus on ways we can come together instead of continuing to push ourselves apart from each other through useless bickering.


Posted 7:20 pm, 01/12/2018

That is what is so upsetting about Washington bee. But tearing down any president does not help. I was not a fan of Oboma but I wanted him to be successful taking care of this country and its citizens as I do any president . I think Washington needs a good house cleaning every so many years but big money has a lot of control doing that even as it does in our local elections.

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