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uncle jesse

Posted 2:16 pm, 05/22/2019

That's is as funny as living in Hazzard County


Posted 4:29 pm, 05/21/2019

See there Hot Mess likes that idea calling you MISTER BIG MESS

Hot Mess

Posted 1:43 pm, 05/21/2019



Posted 12:16 pm, 05/21/2019

After you are married for a while it will be MISTER BIG MESS LOL


Posted 5:56 am, 05/21/2019

That's MISTER Small-Mess to you


Posted 12:30 pm, 05/20/2019

So I guess that makes him Mr Hot Mess Smalls he took your name instead of you taking his

Hot Mess

Posted 8:57 pm, 05/19/2019

I'll Mrs. Hot Mess Smalls


Posted 7:58 pm, 05/19/2019

Gentlemen never tell.


Posted 4:55 pm, 05/19/2019

Say uh what have Smalls and Hot Mess been up too??

Great Screaming Ghost

Posted 4:50 pm, 05/19/2019

I'm going to find a preacher and get you and her married


Posted 2:20 pm, 05/19/2019

Whatchyouwanting with Mess?

Great Screaming Ghost

Posted 10:53 am, 05/19/2019

Where's that sweet thing HotMess??

Great Screaming Ghost

Posted 1:52 pm, 05/18/2019

Looking for Hot Mess


Posted 11:58 am, 05/17/2019

With all the Law I seen that day they could caught them easily I haven't never seen anything like that before


Posted 6:51 pm, 05/16/2019

They had the inmates of the county jail out for their daily exercise


Posted 1:46 pm, 05/16/2019

While driving through north wilkesboro today I seen something weird I met a state highway patrol on Main Street with blue lights just a flashing in behind him was about 15 to 20 people jogging and in behind them was another state highway patrol lights flashing and in. Behind him was county police car with lights flashing and in behind him was a North wilkesboro police car with lights flashing and in behind him was a wilkesboro police car with lights flashing and in behind him was a van from the prison and in behind him was another state highway patrol car with blue lights flashing now can anybody tell me what all that was about??


Posted 5:57 am, 05/16/2019

Swamp Hunters just better hope they don't come scrounging around my lake, I won't be held responsible if they somehow go missing.

Hot Mess

Posted 3:04 pm, 05/15/2019


Posted 2:56 pm, 05/15/2019

Smalls better hope your gator don't appear on swamp hunters they don't waste nothing on Gator

Great Screaming Ghost

Posted 12:36 pm, 05/15/2019

That sounds Good ole Rastus won't have to worry I am not going to eat him

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