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Posted 7:17 pm, 08/05/2020

The sky is dark as night and thunder is rumblin; Lord don't let the power go out.


Posted 5:11 pm, 08/05/2020

How deep is the water and can I come down and go fishing J/K well it looks like it gonna rain again come to Wilkes and watch it rain every day ..... later


Posted 8:05 pm, 08/04/2020

You finally got some rain I am happy for you


Posted 7:12 pm, 08/04/2020

I'm going to hush about rain for the time being; Crabtree Corners is under a foot of water, thank goodness I was smart enough to take the LINCOLN to my brothers house up in the mountains.

tater chip

Posted 7:00 am, 08/03/2020

Don't you like the rain?? I woke up this morning to hear it rain


Posted 4:35 pm, 08/02/2020

It just got through raining again but it seams if I want some Sun I come to your house and if you want to see it rain every day you can come to my house


Posted 11:45 am, 08/02/2020

The longer Hot Mess stays gone with my credit cards the more nervous I get.


Posted 12:09 pm, 08/01/2020

It rained so hard Wednesday it showed in the rain gauge in a hour and a half it rained 2 inches if you want rain come to Goid ole Wilkes County


Posted 10:13 am, 08/01/2020

Finally had some rain last night but not enough to make a big difference; the rain gauge showed less and 1/4".


Posted 1:39 pm, 07/31/2020

It rained again yesterday and today is Friday and The skies are cloudy and I guess it will rain again after while sometime and have a good weekend and talk to you later


Posted 7:49 pm, 07/30/2020

I was just outside with the dog and thought I felt a few raindrops only to look up and see a flock of birds flying overhead


Posted 2:46 pm, 07/29/2020

Smalls guess what?? Yea it's raining again man it rained all last week except for Sunday and so far it has its rained every day since then and who ever is praying for rain Stop It we have had enough


Posted 5:59 am, 07/29/2020

Brain Slocum talking about all these storms and heavy thunder last night and I haven't heard or seen any storms or thunder.


Posted 4:07 pm, 07/28/2020

It's stormed yesterday and today I am tired of all this rain I wish you had it


Posted 6:08 am, 07/28/2020

No rain here in Crabtree Corners, it's so dry the corn is turning brown.

ben dover

Posted 3:15 pm, 07/27/2020

Looks like it's getting ready to rain or Storm again right cheer in. Good ole Wilkes County


Posted 7:31 am, 07/27/2020

Need some rain you ought to come to Wilkes County since last Monday it rained every day except for yesterday and it stormed every evening and I hope you get some rain like that


Posted 8:27 pm, 07/26/2020

Thank goodness it didn't get as hot today as they were calling for, now let's hope the rest of the week is the same.


Posted 11:05 pm, 07/25/2020

We need some rain!!

granny smith

Posted 7:10 pm, 07/24/2020

I have been taking my days one day at a time some days are good and some days ain't so good and Thanks for asking

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