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Dollar Bill

Posted 3:40 am, 04/02/2020

He might have a job like the Lincare man that comes around and deliever the air tanks he came this Tuesday and he checked to see how many full air tanks I had and he said I might get a phone call next week to see if they could skip some weeks if I had some full air tanks maybe Smalltownman has a job like that


Posted 7:58 pm, 04/01/2020

What do you do for a living smalltown?


Posted 7:47 pm, 04/01/2020

I knew it was coming sooner or later, but we have a conference call at 8 tomorrow morning regarding our jobs. Fingers crossed and good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.


Posted 5:29 pm, 04/01/2020

Only use cooking lard if you're going to make me some biscuits first.

granny smith

Posted 5:22 pm, 04/01/2020

The big Question fer today is" will my foot fit up MichSt66 arse??" Will it fit tightly?? Will I have to put cooking lard on my foot to make it goin easier?? Can't you just see the expression on their. Face while my foot is shoved up MichSt66 poop hole

granny smith

Posted 4:00 pm, 04/01/2020

You will be running and I will be hopping after you trying to keep up


Posted 2:40 pm, 04/01/2020

If you shove your foot up my arse and we go to ER, we'll get some quality time together on the way there

granny smith

Posted 2:24 pm, 04/01/2020



Posted 6:19 pm, 03/31/2020

At least we'd enjoy some quality time together.

granny smith

Posted 6:09 pm, 03/31/2020

I will kick your arse so hard we would have to go to the ER for them to get my foot out if your arse


Posted 4:53 pm, 03/31/2020

Nope. You just keep saying it and it hasn't happened yet.

granny smith

Posted 4:49 pm, 03/31/2020

Are you in a hurry for a good ole country arse kicking chicken

granny smith

Posted 4:47 pm, 03/31/2020

Calm down there baby girl there was no harm done


Posted 4:44 pm, 03/31/2020

I'm waiting...


Posted 4:41 pm, 03/31/2020

If you don't leave my Mama alone I will slap the piss out of you

Hot Mess

Posted 3:51 pm, 03/31/2020

Shut up old woman!

granny smith

Posted 3:45 pm, 03/31/2020

Mich have you had your arse kicked today by a old person if you hadn't I am applying for the job I will kick your arse so hard you would be wearing it for a turtleneck


Posted 2:09 pm, 03/31/2020

My B


Posted 2:08 pm, 03/31/2020

I seen more cars today than I regularly do they was a lot of people out today I guess they're not going to listen to Roy Copper


Posted 5:52 am, 03/31/2020

Same goes for you Mitch.

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