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Posted 2:08 pm, 07/02/2020

Looks like this thread is still going. How's everyone doing?


Posted 1:41 pm, 07/02/2020

Duck Duck Duck


Posted 10:56 am, 07/02/2020

Ah, a relaxing 4 day weekend (I hope)


Posted 4:25 pm, 07/01/2020

Some time there is not enough rocks.

forest gump

Posted 4:22 pm, 07/01/2020

forest gump

Posted 5:11 pm, 06/30/2020

One day with me and you would be throwing Rocks at Smalltownman to keep him away

Hot Mess

Posted 3:58 pm, 06/30/2020

Smalls has nothing to worry about


Posted 3:56 pm, 06/30/2020

Hey Smalls it's raining here so hard it's like pouring piss out of a boot

forest gump

Posted 3:12 pm, 06/30/2020

Once you gone Gump you don't go back


Posted 8:53 pm, 06/29/2020

Gump, don't be hittin' on my lady

forest gump

Posted 8:20 am, 06/29/2020

Hey you sexy woman how have you been its been a long time since I seen you on here

Hot Mess

Posted 9:03 pm, 06/28/2020


forest gump

Posted 1:47 pm, 06/28/2020

I seen her in the news paper and was thinking the same thing and where's that sexy Woman Hot Mess been hiding at lately


Posted 5:10 pm, 06/26/2020

No, I don't think that was Sassy's name but I may be wrong, that was many moons ago.


Posted 10:45 am, 06/26/2020

Do you think that could be Sassy Senior??


Posted 10:45 am, 06/26/2020

Hey Smalls were they someone that used to come on here her name was Mattie Goss?? I seen her name in the newspaper and I was shocked to find out she passed and if she didn't come on here I don't know where I recognized her name

Hot Mess

Posted 9:06 pm, 06/23/2020

I'm at Small's right now.


Posted 11:42 am, 06/23/2020

Well I talk to him all the time and I am still waiting for him to talk back


Posted 10:33 am, 06/23/2020

I would rather have one loyal dog than two dozen so-called friends!


Posted 3:43 am, 06/23/2020

I kinda know how that feels, I used to live with my. Mother and she got Sick and the Doctors she had in the Hospital put her in a Nursing Home so I it's Me and Mamas Dog, but I have to tell you Sometimes Max Mamas dog acts like a small young'un and now he treats me like he did Mama he follows me every where and when I have to go some where he meets me at the gate barking his head off

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