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Hot Mess

Posted 8:15 pm, 11/18/2019

No we watched the ceiling fan


Posted 7:34 pm, 11/18/2019

What you and Hot Mess stayed inside and watched 90 day Fiance.


Posted 7:15 pm, 11/18/2019

None, I didn't even go out looking last night.


Posted 9:03 am, 11/18/2019

How many you see last night through the clouds??

tater chip

Posted 6:10 pm, 11/17/2019

And anyway don't you just love it when you go to the supermarket or Walmart when you see someone blocking an aisle and while they have their heads turned you fill up their shopping cart odd ball stuff

tater chip

Posted 6:07 pm, 11/17/2019

Go out there you might see some tonight but I know one thing you won't see -- lighting bugs


Posted 9:27 am, 11/17/2019

I should have said no thanks to the clouds, I did see a few stars late last night but the otherwise the sky was too cloudy to see anything else.

tater chip

Posted 8:10 am, 11/17/2019

You mean youcan see them meteors through the clouds man that's amazing


Posted 10:03 pm, 11/16/2019

Thanks to all the clouds outside I haven't been able to see any of the meteors from the Leonid meteor Showers


Posted 6:57 pm, 11/15/2019

I went home today to see my Mom and Dad and they was a little mad at me for calling my twin sister ugly as a APE and they said to give her a new razor to shave her hairy face

Hot Mess

Posted 5:11 pm, 11/15/2019

Dream on robeana you will never interfere with me and Smalls


Posted 12:46 pm, 11/15/2019

Smalltownman is in love with my ugly as an APE sister or is he in love with Hot Messes ugly as an APE sister so Smalltownman make up your mind is it me or my twin sister


Posted 9:56 pm, 11/14/2019

Let it Snow - Michael Buble

"Let It Snow" Sung By Michael Buble

Length: 2:10


Posted 4:52 pm, 11/14/2019

Someone tell me that I am wrong ...... go outside and look up it looks like it's gonna SNOW it feels like it too so tell me how much are we going to get


Posted 3:10 pm, 11/14/2019

So if I am ugly as an APE My sister Hot. Mess is too


Posted 3:08 pm, 11/14/2019

Don't you remember what Smalltownman told us that he cant tell us apart

Hot Mess

Posted 2:09 pm, 11/14/2019

Robeana if I was related to you then I would kill myself

tater chip

Posted 1:09 pm, 11/14/2019

How am we tell you two apart if she's your twin sister


Posted 12:24 pm, 11/14/2019

Come on Hot Mess let's come clean if you are not going to tell I am going to and bring it out in the open so everybody would know Hot Mess is my Twin Sister and she is an APE too and she's all hairy and stinking to high heaven and she's not bathe in a long time and she's the one with the purple arse and there now I said it and now everybody knows

Hot Mess

Posted 9:35 pm, 11/13/2019

Robina is an ape
All hairy and stinky
Big ole purple ***

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