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george h w b

Posted 8:08 am, 07/26/2017

Pump it out of ur pond. That swamp water be right up their alley to skinny dip in.


Posted 6:41 am, 07/26/2017

y'all ain't gonna be running my well dry filling up no pool!

Hot Mess

Posted 10:06 pm, 07/25/2017

troll no problem if the water gets splashed out. We'll just hook Smalls water hose up to it and viola problem solved.


Posted 7:57 pm, 07/25/2017

How good would that swimming pool be when that guy jumped in there he knocked all the water out

Hot mess

Posted 5:32 pm, 07/25/2017

No it makes them Home Depot wanna bees.

Mad Scientist

Posted 4:58 pm, 07/25/2017

Lowe's sells Pop-Tarts. Does that make them Lowe's Foods?

george h w b

Posted 3:08 pm, 07/25/2017

Hot Mess (view profile)

Posted 2:08 pm, 07/24/2017

troll I bet george is related to that demon goat that was borned.

Darn, I thought you had some kids that lived. From the looks of that picture, it sure did favor you. Poor thing.

Hot Mess

Posted 6:55 am, 07/25/2017

But that pool would be fun to dive into.


Posted 6:26 am, 07/25/2017

We don't need a pool, there's an acre lake in my side yard and Rastus is down in the bayous in vacation so nobody will have to worry about gettin' gator bit.

Hot Mess

Posted 8:16 pm, 07/24/2017

Hot Mess

Posted 8:10 pm, 07/24/2017

Big Lots has got the above ground swimming pools on sale. I say we get one and set it up by Saturday night and have a big pool party.


Posted 7:47 pm, 07/24/2017

Dang, no more bonfires 'til this heat dies down, I thought I was gonna have a heatstroke and get dehydrated this weekend

Hot Mess

Posted 2:12 pm, 07/24/2017

Billy goat's rough: 'Demon' baby goat is born with human-like features and protruding eyes in Argentina

Hot Mess

Posted 2:08 pm, 07/24/2017

troll I bet george is related to that demon goat that was borned.



Posted 1:45 pm, 07/24/2017

Well it looks like that picture of that little girl has chased everybody off of this thread


Posted 12:35 pm, 07/23/2017

Better. Watch out George the way she's squeeze that can she gets ahold of you she could hurt you


Posted 4:23 am, 07/23/2017

You know very well
What you are
You’re my sugar thing
My chocolate star

Hot Mess

Posted 10:38 pm, 07/22/2017

I left a chocolate morsel in yours

george h w b

Posted 6:15 pm, 07/22/2017

Poor baby. Did someone tinkle in your cornflakes?

Hot Mess

Posted 5:45 pm, 07/22/2017

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