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New Moon in Aquarius...a reading!


Posted 10:07 pm, 01/24/2023

Great reading and thanks alot Goddess. I also suffer with sleep paralysis. It's terrible, I wake up and can't move and once something was trying to pull me out of bed. I can't open my eyes or move even a finger. My greatest fear is being alone, but with age I'm less fearful. You really helped me with the reading and again Thanks.


Posted 8:04 pm, 01/24/2023


using the reading I've already done for you and knowing about your dream...I would say that you have a fear of being separated from those you love and also of being alone.

You don't like being alone do you?

As for the Devil, that could possibly be you feeling sense of guilt, maybe??
Or it's a sense of being responsible or the cause of the separation and loneliness you're feeling

Remember though the Devil is a trickster...so this could be your unconscious mind and your feelings of fear/guilt invoking these dreams/nightmares you're having.

so, like I stated in the reading...you've got some unresolved issues, fear/guilt from the past in the Knight of Wands
the Eight of Wands is telling you to work through it, moving forward it is a card of action, taking action!!

and the Empress is a nurturing and spiritual guide, you're gonna have to be a bit more creative in your thinking process to resolve and hopefully to end the dreams.


Posted 7:51 pm, 01/24/2023

Fortune tellers are unemployed losers trying to scam dummies


Posted 7:45 pm, 01/24/2023

Caj, it's gonna be alright

What ya thinking Bestill???


Posted 7:14 pm, 01/24/2023

I didn't see the reading you gave me Goddess, thanks. I don't know if you can give me insights into my dream or not but i'd love it if possible.


Posted 7:09 pm, 01/24/2023

I see dead people in my dreams, can you read the cards on that. I was driving with two close relatives in back seat in my dream, they are dead. The other one was the devil on passenger said telling directing me to a house. My dead relatives in back never spoke a word. I dream stuff like that all time.


Posted 5:45 pm, 01/24/2023

Hog Wash, what a bunch of z


Posted 5:15 pm, 01/24/2023

Man he's going to die alone….horrible reading.


Posted 5:13 pm, 01/24/2023

I have a question!


Posted 4:46 pm, 01/24/2023

for Idlehands,

1st card 4 of Pentacles..

This card suggest that you may need to loosen u a bit, let go. Stop holding on sooo tightly!!
I feel this card indicates more of an emotional issue.
You may have a lot of difficulty letting go, letting go of all matters, things and people, especially those you are close too. I would almost venture to say...you hold on so dearly that sometimes it can be smothering.
These are blockages that tend to stop your connections, that need to be cleared.

2nd card Strength...

This card indicates the key to be more connected to the universe.

trusting in yourself, being self confident instead of self conscious.
Literally it begs you to rely on your inner strength.

3rd card...Page of Wands...

This is really a good card for this reading, pages are all about messages and news. Since you asked about connecting with the universe, this is perfect!!!

In other words, the universe has a lot to reveal to you, but as you asked, how?

The New Moon is all about planting seeds and setting your intentions for the next month or so.
By planting seeds, I believe the cards to suggest in this reading, emotional seeds. Start with a daily practice of allowing yourself to be more open and maybe approachable. What I mean by approachable is with the universe, be present in the moment that you take to connect with the universe. You can do this by meditation, prayer or simply stepping out and looking toward the night skies and moon.
Let the universe know that you wish to experience in that moment you choose to feel the power of your own strength and abilities to grow and connect!

In turn, by practicing like this....you will find yourself connecting to a lot more than just the moon.. it will be more of a connecting closer to all that you hold dear even yourself and maybe make some new connections too!


Posted 2:37 pm, 01/24/2023

Goddess if you are still up for a reading, I'd love one.

What can you tell me about New Moons? What stuff should I do to be more.... connected.. to the universe?


Posted 9:08 pm, 01/23/2023

for gascon

1st card Knight of Wands...in the past position,

I would almost venture to say this is your recent past. There was a lot going on, not all is resolved, you have lingering issues. It's as if you haven't made any final decisions yet. Or, you could have made these decisions in hastei

2nd card Eight of Wands...in the present position, So whatever happened just recently, there is still alot of energy and emotional activity going on... don't stop, keep moving forward.

3rd card The Empress...in the future position...you might have to be a little more creative in the process though, which will guide you to a more productive outcome.

There seems to be a lot going on around you gascon.with your first two cards being wands...meaning action and energy. It could be regarding any aspect of your life right now, could be job, relationship...family matters but alot is going on. The Empress offers a decent outcome, but you've to be thorough in your process and you're gonna have to do some creative thinking!!


Posted 5:41 pm, 01/23/2023

ok, so this one is for Dr gsot...

and since you offered your birthday...I will read from your birth card, which is The Hermit

stepping out of your comfort zone, isn't something that you do willingly most of the time. You just like to keep matters to yourself. This can be a lifelong struggle. But, you are a seeker too, as you can see the Hermit is holding a lattern, no one holds a light without looking for something.
You do need to express yourself, at least to those whom are near and dear to you. Just try to remember that those near and dear are not mind readers. If you don't express,your wishes, hopes and dreams at least to them, they can't do their part in your life. None of us will go through this life completely alone.

Now with that let's go to what this year has to offer you...so with your birthday and this year, your card for 2023 is Death.


So, if I were you I would be prepared for lots of changes this year. Lots of endings and beginnings. So, in this reading and due to the message from the Hermit, this is gonna be very personal too. It could be something along the lines of a realization that your old self isn't working and you will need to make some personality changes.
This card in this year could go as far as everything in your life as it stands now, is gonna change this year...your job, maybe a move to somewhere, a relationship that you might be in...anything is possible for you this year.

Keep holding up the light of the Hermit till you find what your looking for.
Be more open and honest with yourself and especially others.
Be prepared for what the Death card is saying. Change is inevitable for everyone, it's how you handle it that matters.


Posted 5:02 pm, 01/23/2023

Oh sparky, I luv ya!!!

and you are correct, only a rumor!!!!

yes, gascon I still read!!!

you gotta question????


Posted 10:28 am, 01/23/2023

Goddess give me a reading, or did you stop doing them?

sparkling water

Posted 10:54 pm, 01/22/2023

It is rumored that when g was just a young card slinger, she ran afoul of the law.
The JP headline read

Small Medium at Large

But it was only a rumor.


Posted 9:24 pm, 01/22/2023

You will be a year older. Didn't even need cards for that.

Dr gsot

Posted 8:33 pm, 01/22/2023

My bday is Feb 4 1983 what can you tell me


Posted 2:16 pm, 01/21/2023

Great read!


Posted 2:01 pm, 01/21/2023

Since we're in a New Moon phase....

It's time to step outside of our comfort zone, stray from the norm and be adventurous!!! Time for an overhaul!!!

Yeah, easier said than done for alot of us, including myself!

This New Moon is about energy and movement...as in moving forward and stop grabbing and holding onto the past.

If you've been feeling a bit anxious lately it could be due to this current moon phase as it indicates a fast moving energy and a releasing of what just isn't working for us anymore, we gotta let it go!

I call a reading such as this as taking out the garbage...the garbage of emotional baggage, ideas, beliefs and even people, if need be.

What this does is allow us to open up and allow patience and love to enter our being. If we can bring those into our own situation and approach our personal issue's with the same we can then begin to see ourselves and our future with a much more clearer vision of what we wish our life to be.

Start with a meditation or just a few moments of quiet, close your eyes take a few breaths and ask yourself, am I holding on to tightly to yesterday, is this truly working for me...how can I find my direction...ask your Higher Power to assist you, then let it go!

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