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Near Death Experience


Posted 4:21 pm, 07/24/2012

Why was my responses deemed as trolling? I wasn't being mean.


Posted 7:29 pm, 07/23/2012

Here goes, long winded.

Three minutes to die!

On Wednesday April 14 I went to the hospital (Name withheld) to have a cervical laminectomy of four disk, stay over night and go home. All went well and by 1:30 PM my doctor checked in on me, (I was sleeping) and as he told me later, I was fine.

By around 3:00 PM ( an estimate as I was not watching any clocks) I was up and walking well and had good balance (I was told I could walk all I wanted to). Although the nurse said I could walk as much as I like, the nursing student had me return to my room. She left and returned by herself with a plastic thing called a “Triflo ll Meter” for a breathing exercise. I was sitting on the bed with my neck brace on and she asked me to blow into the meter as hard as I could, which I did. At that instant I felt like something exploded in my neck, a “POP”. No balls in the meter moved and she had me do it again and again. She left and came back with a new meter and said, that one had a crack “Try again”, (thinking to myself, why no air leak sound) I did and nothing and then one more time. She walked out and returned and said, “whoops you are supposed to suck on it”.

I know now but not then that the blowing pressure caused an instant hematoma in my neck. I began to notice a tremendous build up of flem and it was getting hard to swallow it as it was like almost glue. I was offered cough drops and soda and told I could have all the cough drops I wanted, nothing helped. (I now know those items make more flem). This continued for about an hour and I started to complain that I could not breathe. They had oxygen running in my nose and keep saying my level was OK based on their reading. My neck was tight in the collar so they loosened it but never removed it to see the swelling. More complaints of not being able to breathe, and begging for help, more cough drops and soda (the wrong thing to give I later found out). They loosened the neck brace again and then finally removed it. They never called a hospital doctor to examine me and for some reason did not recognize the signs of a massive “hematoma” or blood clot. (All this time my breathing tube was closing more and more). In my mind I said to my self that “I needed a tracheotomy”. ( Actually a doctor needed to cut open the hematoma and the air tube would have opened by it’s self).

This continued to after 6:00PM to where they called my doctor who happened to be close by. I now cannot talk or breathe. I knew this was death as no air was moving in or out of my lungs. I recall thinking, “please, please someone do a tracheotomy”. I looked up and saw my doctor and he yelled “hematoma” and said “we had to get to the OR fast”. I am awake and alert as we fly down the hall on my hospital bed, right-into the elevator and remember going down. I can still not take a breath and I’m thinking it’s been two minutes now since my last.

We enter the OR and they slide me onto the table. The doctor yells “get the lights”. I then feel the incision and could hear the doctor say “oh ****”. Blood flew everywhere and I could feel it running down my neck on both sides. At the same time the blood pressure cuff pumped up and exploded right off my arm. At this point I am saying, I am dead.

Next I feel the blue paper towels being put over my face and he cut in my neck again and I could feel what I thought was a finger inside my throat, it was the doctors. Now I am thinking it’s really over I have died. The last sound I heard was the doctor saying “give him (some name of medicine) and I went out.

My breathing tube had closed completely and he had to use a 14 ga catheter to get oxygen through it in my lungs as his finger would not open my breathing tube. A proper tracheotomy was then done and I was hooked up to life support. The doctor then went and told my wife that I may not walk or talk again as my blood oxygen level had dropped to 30. I spent nine days in ICU with machines doing my breathing, feeding and everything else and came home this last Thur. April 22.

I was progressing well until May 1st when first thing in the morning I noticed my left leg swollen. A call to my surgeons PA and I was at the emergency and admitted for a blood clot in my leg.(4 day stay) I was released late afternoon on 5/4 and will now be on blood thinning meds for at least the next three months. During the second stay we also had problems with care of the wound from the tracheotomy as no one even with loud complains would change it. This all happened about two years ago and I have hiked at MT Jefferson, done Clingmans Dome and ride my bike on 60-70 mile rides. I feel very lucky to be here.

Did I see angles, bright lights, etc. No, just the bright operating lights when they turned them on. I was to busy trying to figure out how I would stay alive. BTW, this all happened in FL not NC.


Posted 6:38 pm, 07/23/2012

I think I had one when I was a pre-teen. While my mom was cooking supper, I kept pinching my little sister under the table and screaming "ouch! - she pinched me!!" My mom finally came over and slapped my sister a few times witht the fly swatter. A little later my sister called for me and when I came through the door-way she punched me right in the side of the head. I saw a big star break into a bunch of little stars right before I hit the floor. Later my mom ask my sister, "Aren't you ashamed for punching your sister like that?". Her response was, "Nope, I'm proud."

Sisterly Memories - lol


Posted 5:26 pm, 07/23/2012

Mickey Robinson testimony:

Testimony - Mickey Robinson

The full version of this video is available at: http://www.extremeprophetic.com If you Google fo...

Length: 9:59

Everyone should watch a couple of times...


Posted 4:56 pm, 07/23/2012

Note from GoWilkes: this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 3:45 pm, 07/23/2012

When my husband's grandmother was taking her last few breaths she was laying on her bed and was saying things like beautiful streets of gold and this is amaxing! She was a real good christian woman...we don't know if she was seeing heaven or what but this was going on during the last 3 or 4 minutes of her life.

Sal T. Peter

Posted 2:47 pm, 07/23/2012

Note from GoWilkes: this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 10:38 am, 07/22/2012

Over thirty years ago I was rushed into surgery and had almost bled to death. As I was waking up, I saw a woman lying on a gurney in the recovery room with a nurse on her left and the doctor on her right. They kept telling her to wake up, don't leave us, your children need you.

I felt as if I had been somewhere far off, just looking down into the recovery room, but I felt so peaceful and had no pain.

Suddenly I was there on that gurney, and the nurse was so excited. She said, "We thought we were going to lose you," and asked me to look at my hand. I couldn't see it. She picked it up. I was as white as the sheet. I know I was not in my body because I could describe the entire room as if I was looking at it from up above, but when my physical body was on the gurney, all I could see was the nurse and my doctor.


Posted 10:29 am, 07/22/2012

I was to young but yha I had one when I was still a child in the hostpital for over a week if not longer cause of nomonyha how ever you spell it. Anyways was in a tent with a mask over my face and all I remember was sleeping for along time and aching with my dad with me. All I know was seeing this bright light and back to relality for me so it was not my time god said. Though I though you where supposed to walk towards it but I was curoise about it. I've seen it twice in my life and it's not effected my life about bring scared of death.Yha it's depressing to think of but I'm gonna rely on god to lead me but since then when I was a kid it's like I had some kind angle watching over me and keeping me out of harms way. That or I got one **** of pair of rabbit feet on me. The 2nd time I saw this was something different. There was a white light but something drew me to it and I was crying before this happening wanting to see someone that I miss very much but to the point short I got this experience that felt as if she where huging me when I jumped out to her and though she was taller then me I though to myself "no way I 19 I should be standing right face at her" made me think again that I was the same child that was loved by my grandmother. I think this was more fo a sign knowing she waiting for me to come home but also to make each day count, I got someone on earth to waiting for me but I have to find them. They still depend on me and I'm not ready to leave them just yet because they deserve love just as it was granted to me. It may be a rough road but there's not turning back because I have a mission now and I must fufill it, I had a choice but I decited to take the hard way around so that I'll be able to find other's like me in need of a special hand that will change there fate. Don't be scared of the unknown but rather what's not been done. Heaven is as good as they talk about it, I feel that I'm saved but I wounder at time's am I good enough for heaven to let me in.


Posted 10:20 am, 07/22/2012

There was a really good segment on it this week on the Today Show. Featured a woman who was an atheist and outspoken critic of life after death until she had a NDE.


Posted 10:14 am, 07/22/2012

Have not but I believe that people see what they say they do when having a NDE. There is a spiritual world that most of us are unaware of. That unseen world is responsible for what you do see.


Posted 4:45 am, 07/22/2012

Has anyone ever had an NDE? If so, did you see anything? What are your views on NDE's? Just a hallucination? Are people actually seeing Christ? Do you think an NDE would change your life?

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