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NC Republicans Keeping it Classy

sparkling water

Posted 7:05 pm, 09/11/2019

Maniacal Laughter


Posted 7:04 pm, 09/11/2019

Socialist Democrats were still drunk and butt hurt from that election Tuesday. They couldn't get out of bed and face the world.


Posted 6:14 pm, 09/11/2019

Funny all the ones at the memorial they speak of. When the majority of them were having a closed meeting on district maps trying to give the old republicans a good fkn.

sparkling water

Posted 6:12 pm, 09/11/2019

Run, Forest. Run!!!


Posted 5:21 pm, 09/11/2019

There's always two sides to every story:

Moore told her that he "did not advise that there would be no votes this morning." Moore's office provided audio from Tuesday's floor session from House Rules Committee Chairman David Lewis saying recorded votes would occur Wednesday, specifically identifying two different spending measures.

Cooper accused Republicans of pulling "their most deceptive stunt yet" at a time when many North Carolinians were focused on honoring those killed in the 9/11 attacks, though it wasn't immediately clear how many lawmakers may have been attending memorials.


Posted 5:17 pm, 09/11/2019

Bad move here. People voted for the government we have. They shouldn't have done this. It was a power grab.


Posted 5:07 pm, 09/11/2019

Flush all repubicans

sparkling water

Posted 3:23 pm, 09/11/2019

I'm sure they can multitask.

Nany of them were no doubt penis grabbing and engaging in somber reflection.


Posted 3:10 pm, 09/11/2019

They were at an FN 9/11 memorial service, not talking about grabbing a woman by her ...

sparkling water

Posted 3:08 pm, 09/11/2019

I can't see how this vote equates to hurling one's maternal parent beneath a means was of mass transit.


Posted 3:07 pm, 09/11/2019


EVERYONE knows that Democrats wants everyone to be PAID no matter what.....

If they don't work, they want to be PAID!
If they show up to work and do nothing, they want to get PAID!

Democrats want to pay EVERYBODY with Tax Dollars !!!!!!

So now we have a Classy Example of Democrats not being at Work, and getting PAID, but Whining & Crying like little B@thces about the Outcome of then, not being "at WorK" and losing the Vote.

How Classy......


Posted 2:55 pm, 09/11/2019

You have got to be FN kidding me. You all would throw your momma in front of a bus and still defend it.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 2:55 pm, 09/11/2019

I would think you Democrats would be happy. The teachers will finally get their raises.


Posted 2:45 pm, 09/11/2019

Was 9-11 declared a Holiday for Democrats Hangs,it appears that is what you are saying!


Posted 2:35 pm, 09/11/2019

So you guys are cool with them using 9/11? Awesome.


Posted 2:34 pm, 09/11/2019

Was it on 9/11 during a memorial service after the Democrats said "oh we aren't voting"?

sparkling water

Posted 2:27 pm, 09/11/2019

I seem to remember the ACA being passed using procedural leverage.

Goose n gander.


Posted 2:24 pm, 09/11/2019

Keeping it classy. I'm sure had this been reversed you'd be making jokes.


Posted 2:02 pm, 09/11/2019

Most of those voting today wore Brown Suits Hangs! 😃


Posted 1:58 pm, 09/11/2019


After telling Democrats there were no votes, House Republicans just called a *surprise vote* and overrode the Governor's veto on the budget, 55-9 (with almost half of members absent).

So exactly how much do Republicans give a **** about 9/11 and the sacrifices? Complete *** holes and if you defend it you really need help.

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