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Name One Thing You Are Thankful For Other Than Trump Or Your Religious Beliefs


Posted 12:48 pm, 04/21/2017



Posted 11:58 am, 04/21/2017

Note from GoNC: this post was removed for trolling.


Posted 11:57 am, 04/21/2017

I'm thankful for some much deserved relaxation time beginning very soon.


Posted 11:51 am, 04/21/2017

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch

sparkling water

Posted 11:23 am, 04/21/2017

I am thankful for porterhouse steaks.

And beer.

And my dog.


Posted 11:21 am, 04/21/2017

I am thankful for my children's health. I am also thankful for my Stepdaddy, though his health is declining I'll always be grateful for the many wonderful years we had together

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:35 am, 04/21/2017

i'm sure that belly is a "can't miss"

Ole Sarge

Posted 9:27 am, 04/21/2017

I am thankful I can spend time patting my belly and not my back. Elmo

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:10 am, 04/21/2017

much like small ... i have always been grateful for my vision. it is the one sense i would be devastated without.

other than that, i am grateful for my personal disposition. most of the time i have always seen obstacles as challenges to be overcome. at times i have been overwhelmed, but in the end i became more determined. i have a story of endless pursuit that i am thankful to now pass onto some of my family members that have their own challenges

it's a great feeling to take what i know and give it to someone else, and lift their burden just a tad.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 8:32 am, 04/21/2017

I am thankful for my good health! I am able to do most all of the things that I did fifty years ago. It just takes a little longer.


Posted 8:16 am, 04/21/2017

I'm thankful for my vision, without it I wouldn't be able to look across the back pasture and see the trees, birds, flowers and wind blowing across the grass.

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