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Most exotic meal you had?


Posted 9:13 am, 02/15/2019

They used to do a Turtle Stew down around Flossie's each fall.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 8:26 am, 02/15/2019

Growing up we would eat about any varmint we caught. I remember my brother trying to pick the feathers off of a old chicken hawk that Ma shot with her twelve gauge. Didn't 't work out ! Another interesting food source we tried was eel. You could fry them like fish, but you had to eat them hot as they would taste like raw fish when cold. In the early forties we ate about anything that didn't eat us.


Posted 8:10 am, 02/15/2019

I have heard of people eating Oposums and Poke Salad. Growing up with my Grandma we ate everything on a Hog but the "oink" Boy did those chittlins stink to high heaven power boiling in the kitchen. But I loved them cooked.


Posted 10:16 pm, 02/14/2019

chicken nuggets ;-


Posted 6:22 pm, 02/14/2019

I never knew eating groundhog was a thing? I want to try it now, just to say I have


Posted 12:48 pm, 02/14/2019

Baked groundhog, fried alligator, turtle soup. Guess that's about it.


Posted 2:36 pm, 02/12/2019

Don't forget HP Brown Sauce.


Posted 2:33 pm, 02/12/2019

I have had camel as a burger. Bison steaks, gator, alligator gar, sheepshead (fish)...parrot fish. Breaded sweet breads


Posted 2:29 pm, 02/12/2019

Yes malt vinegar on fries


Posted 2:23 pm, 02/12/2019

"Used to eat Mayo on Fries while in Europe."

is there any other way?


Posted 1:45 pm, 02/12/2019

I grew up in Wilkes and I wouldn't call it exotic but the grossest thing I ever remember eating was turtle soup.


Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:46 am, 02/12/2019

Marmy242, Ain't nothing that will kill a morning appetite quite as quick as looking into a big black pot in the fireplace with last night's leftover groundhog in it.


Posted 10:07 am, 02/12/2019

Used to eat Mayo on Fries while in Europe.


Posted 9:50 am, 02/12/2019

My food tastes are really bland, just looking at that Cobra whiskey would scare me to death.


Posted 9:32 am, 02/12/2019

I tried French mustard on a samich one time.

Didn't care for it.


Posted 8:13 am, 02/12/2019

My Aunt cooked a Ground Hog when I was young I remember not liking it. It was very greasy. The most Exotic Food I have ever tried is Bob Cat. When I was a teenager I went to a Super Bowl Party with my cousin. He had a friend from Wilkes that was a hunting guide in Montana and he had several different types of meats. I also tried Bear and Elk a lot like Beef and Deer to me. There were I believe Rattle Snake or some kind of snake meat I didn't try it. I recall not caring for the Bob Cat it was sweet tasting and very boney. Other's that I really like that may be Exotic to some are Mud Turtle and Frog Legs. My favorite is Raw Oysters of course.


Posted 3:33 am, 02/12/2019

I'm close friends with a couple from Laos, and I think they've given me the most exotic dishes I've had. I can't even begin to remember half of them... raw beef liver, I think? And a thousand year egg (which was really pretty good).

I think that Cobra whiskey was the most memorable, though.


Posted 9:13 pm, 02/11/2019

I've had Boar and Elk, but they didn't really taste any different from pork and beef

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 5:54 pm, 02/11/2019

I have devoured most of the critters that walk on the land or swim in the sea, but don't know if they were exotic or not. Some of the most memorable were dishes prepared by a group of old women in a old house on the outskirts of New Orleans. What they could do with craw dabs ,redfish and rice pudding was out of this world!


Posted 5:39 pm, 02/11/2019

Kangaroo.....don't remember that I was impressed with it.

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