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Military leaders smack Nancy down for the second time in a week.


Posted 5:12 pm, 01/14/2021

Gen Berger is not Army he is Commandant of the Marine Corps.


Posted 2:03 pm, 01/14/2021

He ought to shoved his Army boot up her Arse


Posted 1:55 pm, 01/14/2021

ninny nancy had to be told, again, that our Generals only take orders from the Commander in Chief.


Posted 11:40 am, 01/14/2021

skeptic, explain just how Pelosi "got smacked down" for talking to some top military brass?

What is your definition of "smacked down"?


Posted 8:39 am, 01/14/2021

Nazi Pelosi being 3rd in line use to scare us until we realized who the other 2 were. Now we wouldn't turn our hand over for the difference. Fact is, we can deal with her foolishness better than the intention ignorance of Beijing Joe and the Camel.


Posted 8:16 am, 01/14/2021

You won't find a link, because as much as you right-wing nuts hate it, Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in line and not self-respecting General or military personnel would speak to her in that manner.

Look at all the National Guard standing ready at the Capitol to protect US citizens from Domestic Terrorist.

Many on the right didn't vote to impeach Trump because now they want unity. Now they want unity, a little to late.


Posted 8:06 am, 01/14/2021

You won't find many links to conservative comments during a Communist scrubbing. Get use to it.


Posted 8:03 am, 01/14/2021

1048andonehalf (view profile)

Posted 10:59 pm, 01/13/2021

There is no link. A general would never talk to her with that disrespect.

You are correct 10!!!!

Per another "news source"...it is deemed as "fake news"


at least I gotta link!!! LOL!!!


Posted 4:27 am, 01/14/2021

You will have use a different search engine. I can't post the name of it on here for some reason. It starts with Duck and ends with Go.


Posted 10:59 pm, 01/13/2021

There is no link. A general would never talk to her with that disrespect.

Joseph T.

Posted 10:56 pm, 01/13/2021

Dang do you have a link


Posted 10:56 pm, 01/13/2021

It kind of is.


Posted 10:49 pm, 01/13/2021


Posted 10:41 pm, 01/13/2021

He seem to have gotten a little heated when she questioned his patriotism. I think she sees the Speakership as an equal to POTUS. We still have a little thing called the Constitution.

Pelosi said she wanted "battle ready" reinforcements because "radicalized Trump supporters and kooky Qanon conspiracy people" were about to converge on D.C. She implored him to reconsider, arguing that it was the general's patriotic duty to quell uprisings and guarantee Biden's ascension to the Oval Office.

Her statement made the general explode, our source said.

"Don't lecture me on patriotism, Madam Speaker. I've served this country with distinction for 40 years. I've spilled blood for our nation. What have you, a self-serving elected official, done for your country?" Gen. Berger said.

Pelosi further enraged him by saying he was answerable to Congress.

"I answer only to the president, and as I understand it, Donald J. Trump is still president and commander-in-chief. I abide in the Constitution as it was written, not your interpretation of it," Gen. Berger admonished Pelosi.

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