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Michelle Obama

Rachel Maddow

Posted 7:11 am, 10/18/2012

and she wrote a wonderful thesis on the life of a black woman in an ivy league college. The poor woman endured so much.


Posted 7:08 am, 10/18/2012

I think she kinda looks like Sigourney Weaver,well except for skin color.


Posted 2:16 am, 10/18/2012

i thought this thread was about nancygrace,


Posted 12:11 am, 10/18/2012

racist scumbag


Posted 12:04 am, 10/18/2012

White America

Posted 11:58 pm, 10/17/2012

I find her a little arrogant, of course her life is under a micro scope so she probably not that bad. Come to think of it the last first lady to have a real impact was Nancy Reagan.


Posted 11:24 pm, 10/17/2012

She like her husband does not think she has to follow any rules. Her husband does anything he wants by executive order, and she thinks she has the same rights as he does.

She cannot even wait 2 hours to travel on the same plane with him. She leaves early and has no concerns about how much it is costing the taxpayers for the extra jet, the fuel, and the personnel. She wants to do what she wants.

It will be fun just to see her kicked off the jets if Obama loses.


Posted 6:40 pm, 10/17/2012

really lazor.... really?


Posted 6:38 pm, 10/17/2012

I am thinking she was most elegant and classy before someone started dressing her.


Posted 6:35 pm, 10/17/2012

If he loses the bid for the whitehouse yes I believe she will be proud of him. They do seem to actually love each other. That's something I can also say for the Romney their love for each other does seem real.


Posted 6:32 pm, 10/17/2012

Nope, not Elmo, try again.


Posted 6:32 pm, 10/17/2012

You are right small. (I think it is that cleghorn)

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 6:30 pm, 10/17/2012

i smell haters, not good haters but they try


Posted 6:29 pm, 10/17/2012

I smell a troll! And it's not the one that lives under the bridge down at River's house.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 6:29 pm, 10/17/2012

the real Michelle haters must not be here tonight, you guys are light work

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 6:28 pm, 10/17/2012

this thread is stupid and getting stupider


Posted 6:27 pm, 10/17/2012

Will Michelle still be proud of the US when we vote her deadbeat hubby out of the White House ?


Posted 6:24 pm, 10/17/2012

Your candidate didn't do so well in the debate, did he?


Posted 6:24 pm, 10/17/2012

Well you see Busting Ann could not clap every time her husband lied last night or else she would have had blisters on her hands at the end of the debate.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 6:24 pm, 10/17/2012

lazerone (view profile)

Posted 6:22 pm, 10/17/2012

Popularity and good speeches doesn't solve America's troubles! (Ask the President)

First Ladies do not solve america's problems either. of course they sometimes whine like Ann Romney

stop it

this is hard work

waa waa

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