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Michael's impact on Wilkes County


Posted 10:45 am, 10/11/2018

Smonk you are right that is not a good combination all the rain and then wind to top it off


Posted 9:14 am, 10/11/2018

Hangsleft. You are making me feel old mentioning hurricane Hugo 😂😩


Posted 8:42 am, 10/11/2018

Ento, you forgot milk on your list.

You also forgot to that you must talk about Hugo ad nauseam and compare every poof of wind to that day 30 years ago.


Posted 8:37 am, 10/11/2018

This is what I worry about the wind.
The National Weather Service in Blacksburg has issued a Wind
Advisory, which is in effect from 2 PM this afternoon to 11 AM
EDT Friday.
* Winds...Northeast 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph this
 morning. Northwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph this
 afternoon into Friday morning.
* Timing...Today into Friday morning.
* Impacts...Strong wind combined with heavy rain may cause downed
 trees and power outages.
* Locations...Northwest North Carolina mountains and foothills.
* Hazards...Strong wind gusts.
A Wind Advisory is issued when sustained winds are forecast to be
31 to 39 MPH or gusts will range between 46 and 57 MPH. Winds of
these magnitudes may cause minor property damage without extra
precautions. Motorists in high profile vehicles should use extra
caution until the winds subside.


Posted 11:59 pm, 10/10/2018

I am as prepared as I can be and have been praying tonight that the Lord will take care of us and we can make it through the storm


Posted 5:06 pm, 10/10/2018

Rain from Michael has spread across northern Florida into southeastern Alabama and southwestern Georgia.

And this rain is not even from the storm.


Posted 4:59 pm, 10/10/2018

Be Prepared


Posted 4:44 pm, 10/10/2018

It's Raining like pouring it out of a Boot.


Posted 2:58 pm, 10/10/2018

That’s alot...just keep it simple.
Cover your head under the covers and don’t t lookout the window!


Posted 2:55 pm, 10/10/2018

Here is a step by step process for you to go by based upon my observations from past "weather" events in Wilkes county.

1. Panic!!! Even if the weather forecasters say all we are going to get is rain, they are often wrong.
2. Go to the store and buy every loaf of bread and case of bottled water that you can lay your hands on. The people that did not panic will be taught a good lesson since they will not be able to find any bread or bottled water.
3. Go to the hardware store and try to buy a generator. Unfortunately there were 20 people that had a bigger panic attack than you and all the generators are gone. In order to feel better about the situation you cuss out the store manager for not saving a generator for you.
4. Buy more batteries because to 10 packs that you bought before the last "weather" event (about a month ago) have probably gone bad.
5. About two weeks after the "weather" event, give the moldy bread to the birds and donate the 10 cases of bottled water to people that were directly impacted by the storm.
6. Pay close attention to the news so that you can be one of the first in the county to panic and maybe get your generator this time.


Posted 1:08 pm, 10/10/2018

I don't do anything different. I just have generators so if we loose power. If you have kids toys and small stuff outside you might want to pick them up sometimes we get a lot of wind.


Posted 12:41 pm, 10/10/2018

And that's all?


Posted 12:35 pm, 10/10/2018

I am praying and hoping for the best.


Posted 12:35 pm, 10/10/2018

brushymountains the water and bread is probably gone.


Posted 11:26 am, 10/10/2018

Quick-go down to Walmart and buy all the water on the shelves!! Bread,, canned goods etc!


Posted 11:21 am, 10/10/2018

Hanging out clean clothes to dry is out of the question 😂.
I hope all we get is a little rain from it but not much.


Posted 11:11 am, 10/10/2018

Right now it looks like we are just going to get some rain. Comparable to Florence. The hardest hit as for NC looks to be the same area that got hit hard from Florence (Fayetteville, Wilmington, Jacksonville, etc.). If it turns more this way...yeah...we will be in for some trouble.


Posted 11:05 am, 10/10/2018

Umbrella might be a bonus if outside

White America

Posted 10:53 am, 10/10/2018

Dig a hole while there is still time


Posted 10:51 am, 10/10/2018

Trying to figure out how to prepare for this. Any suggestions?

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