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Liawatha's health care for all.


Posted 1:00 pm, 11/09/2019

You are so far gone there is no reason to even respond to you any more.


Posted 12:44 pm, 11/09/2019

"Any objections to offering affordable healthcare to hardworking American families and their children Conrad??"

I heard Obama promise that was what Obamacare would do. In fact he promised over and over as he stood and lied for weeks about how great it was going to be. Keep you healthcare, keep your doctor, save 2,500 a year on premiums.
Instead, premiums shot thru the roof, increasing by hundreds per month.and deductions before Obamacare paid one red cent, increased into the thousands per yr, leaving millions 'self insured" until they paid their deductible out of their pocket. It, like everything else Obama touched was a disaster, or corrupt.

Yet here you are in your ignorance, completely ignoring 8 yrs. of Obama's Obamacare fiasco, and trying to blame Trump for the mess healthcare remains in because of corrupt, inept, community organizer, Obama, and the lies of the democrat party.


Posted 11:23 am, 11/09/2019

You just have to go to extremes, don't you? If you didn't say such outrageous things, you might get more people to agree with you.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 6:54 am, 11/09/2019

We can't be the dumping ground for all the Sick people of the world


Posted 3:37 am, 11/09/2019

You might have a good point there. Give them the medical treatment they need and deduct it from aid to their country. However, some come from countries we are not giving aid.


Posted 1:54 am, 11/09/2019

Or deduct the estimated cost to the American Tax payers for all who are treated and deduct that from any foreign aid (handouts) we give their country


Posted 1:51 am, 11/09/2019

Transport them to the nearest embassy from their home country, And bill the embassy for the ride


Posted 12:41 am, 11/09/2019

No, we do the bare minimum to keep them alive until we can get them back to where they came from.


Posted 11:33 pm, 11/08/2019

Question, what do we do with a sick immigrant who has no money? Do we let them just die?


Posted 11:31 pm, 11/08/2019

I'll settle with just taking care of our own first, something this great country does not currently do!

Any objections to offering affordable healthcare to hardworking American families and their children Conrad??


Posted 10:27 pm, 11/08/2019

She said so today while in Raleigh pandering to Latinos.


Posted 8:42 pm, 11/08/2019

Conniewatha, could you provide a citation for this skeptical claim?


Posted 7:08 pm, 11/08/2019

Her plan includes taxpayer funded health care for illegal aliens.

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