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Is anyone in Wilkes transgender?


Posted 9:49 am, 11/26/2021

I wonder how many new gowilkes users will this interaction inspire. Conrad, the fake that launched a thousand ships! I'm starting to feel to sad thinking about you and your life. I'm sorry if I've impinged on your ability to be annoying on the internet. XD

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 9:40 am, 11/26/2021

try googling either word and see what you find.


Posted 8:31 am, 11/26/2021

Why don't you switch screen names again and explain to me what makes me look foolish hahahah

1 you're wrong. I can find no definition that describes either word in the way you have

2 if you were right, which you're not, you're assertion is arbitrary and pedantic and it would have no bearing on our conversation or other people's understanding of it. I even specified infringe on "YOUR" rights making it personal and not societal, which again, is arbitrary anyway because you're wrong. You clearly just couldn't answer the question I asked so you tried to obscure it by nitpicking my word choice, which is even funnier since you appear to have forgotten which screen name you were using to troll.

3 you're Conrad, which is the saddest funniest point I could possibly make.

Next time I'm worried about looking foolish the last person in the world I'd trust to let me know is the one who gets caught talking to himself from different user names. Besides, why are you wasting your time arguing with me, you should be out in the world counting signs! It's your calling!


Posted 7:17 am, 11/26/2021

I am so tired of homophobes, fascists and racists.

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 7:13 am, 11/26/2021

Impinge is personal while infringe is society as a whole.

Neither is the other's synonym.
Infringing my 2A impinges my ability to defend myself.
Arguing a careful choice of words makes you look tsupid.


Posted 8:08 pm, 11/25/2021

HeyConMidtown, infringe is a synonym of impinge.

So huff another big one.


Posted 4:41 pm, 11/25/2021

Hahahahah got your screen names mixed up again Conrad? hahahahahaah

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 10:53 am, 11/25/2021

I posted impinge.

You mistakenly posted infringe so it is up to you to show why that is not tsupid.


Posted 8:51 am, 11/25/2021

You claimed I'm wrong. Post the definitions and prove it. The burden of proof is on you. There's no chance that they could be basically synonymous and you've decided to just keep digging in to obscure the point right?

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 8:48 am, 11/25/2021

So, tell us the difference between the two terms; if you can.


Posted 7:28 am, 11/25/2021

Clearly you're the one who needs the education! Lol anything to distract from your ideological deficiencies!

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 7:00 am, 11/25/2021

666, make the effort to educate yourself, you lazy leftist.


Posted 6:14 am, 11/25/2021


woodie w p

Posted 9:10 pm, 11/24/2021

antithesis (view profile)

Posted 3:20 pm, 11/24/2021

Woodie, I suspect that you've tasted more than your fair share of bull's milk...
You should know about that. You had a mouth full of bull's milk the other night.

I agree with Mr Robinson. He hit the nail on the head in his sermon.

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 8:02 pm, 11/24/2021

666, You're the one who confused the terms and no worth the effort.


Posted 8:00 pm, 11/24/2021

We just need to one person pee stations at walmart, that's where all the trans hang out.


Posted 7:53 pm, 11/24/2021

I have the problem solved. I walk at cub creek park and walk around the dog park. They have a nice one commode bathroom, you can open the door, turn the light on and make sure to lock the door, [protection from the transgenders] and then pee. Upon leaving you can choose one of two options, wash or just lick the pee off. Make sure to use shirt tail to handle door knob, in case a transgender used it before hand.


Posted 5:17 pm, 11/24/2021

i;m GAY but not into transgender to each there own i want a man with hairy chest & all the other stuff i CANT mention


Posted 5:13 pm, 11/24/2021

Lol why don't you educate me on the difference?


Posted 5:08 pm, 11/24/2021

Maybe we should reconsider how we build public bathrooms. Bathrooms with individual private stalls.

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