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Is anyone in Wilkes transgender?


Posted 12:12 pm, 11/27/2021

I'm not sure you're aware of what a conversation is, but a conversation is where you ask questions and add comments back in forth. Here's an example

Me: do you support trans rights?
You: yes as long as they don't IMPINGE on my rights.
Me: do you have an example of a time trans people infringed on your rights?

Then Conrad, you could stay logged in to the same screen name and offer a thought provoking and coherent reply that would challenge my preconceived notion of the subject at hand.

I'm realizing thought provoking and coherent may be too much to ask from lord stooge of the sign counting.


Posted 9:17 am, 11/27/2021

I clearly stated that transgenders should have rights as klong as they do not impinge upon mine and YOU stooges spun and twisted it from there; Go stooges, Go stooges!


Posted 9:02 am, 11/27/2021

Go stooges indeed! Perhaps we can take this thread even higher than our previous record in our epic stop the steal redux thread! I'd like to take a moment of silent remembrance for our once great thread. Taken from us too soon. But it's not all for not! The people may still gather to watch Conrad dance for them in this new and beautiful thread! So young and full of potential.


Posted 8:57 am, 11/27/2021

I carefully chose impinge and the rest of this terd show is on YOU stooges; Go stooges, Go stooges!


Posted 8:54 am, 11/27/2021

How many signs are we up to now Conrad? As the official gowilkes sign treasurer we need you out there on the streets giving us a detailed and accurate count! If this thread is you telling us you are shirking your duties as the official gowilkes sign czar well then a different conversation may be needed. You'll be removed from office and Jason will revoke your membership! As for drew, notshoulda, nevershoulda, fakey and the rest of the gang they will be allowed to remain under a probationary period. I'm sorry Conrad. I don't mean to INFRINGE on your rights, but if you aren't up to the duties of sign czar it's best to move over and let someone else take their turn in office


Posted 7:25 am, 11/27/2021

Your entire argument is based on an assumption that all transgenders are perverts. It actually makes more sense for a gay person to go to a bathroom where there are individuals they are not attracted to.


Posted 7:15 am, 11/27/2021

Twist and turn, my stooge; it's all YOU got.


Posted 7:12 am, 11/27/2021

Give it up ConDrew. You're pathetic.


Posted 7:00 am, 11/27/2021

YOU twisted and spun my post.


Posted 6:33 am, 11/27/2021

How ironic!

You really are quite the sad little troll these days huh?


Posted 11:13 pm, 11/26/2021

Pushing your spin makes YOU look tsudip.


Posted 3:34 pm, 11/26/2021

When you gotta go you gotta go!


Posted 2:45 pm, 11/26/2021

Speaking of bathrooms.

I'm at Kohl's the other day after dinner, Melissa is taking her sweet time shopping and I reeeeally needed to pee. So I head on over to the bathroom while she does her thing.

I walk in and there's a lady by the sink.

I quickly look around: yep, there's a urinal so I'm not the one that messed up.

At this point I'm not sure what the deal is, but your boy had to pee and really didn't care to stop and have a political conversation about it, so I nod and say "hi" before making my way to a stall. I mean, as long as there's a sheet of plywood between us, what do I care?

And frankly, if the stalls had been full then I would have used a urinal. She can watch if that's her thing, ain't no shame in my game.

Turns out that she was an employee and cleaning the restroom, but she politely leaves and waits outside for me to finish. But the time was up and it was gonna happen whether she left or not, so that was totally up to her


Posted 1:22 pm, 11/26/2021

It would, so drew/Conrad what have trans people done to INFRINGE on your rights?


Posted 1:20 pm, 11/26/2021

An answer would be nice.


Posted 1:19 pm, 11/26/2021

Why do you care?

Drew Sweeps Midtown

Posted 1:16 pm, 11/26/2021

So, why did you substitute infringed for impinged?


Posted 12:57 pm, 11/26/2021

Now, please please please stop wasting your time talking to little old me, log out of all your screen names and get back out there on the road! America needs you to count signs!


Posted 12:55 pm, 11/26/2021

If you really really insist on looking wrong, fine.

im·​pinge | \ im-ˈpinj \
impinged; impinging
Definition of impinge
intransitive verb
impinge on other people's rights
2 : to have an effect : make an impression
waiting for the germ of a new idea to impinge upon my mind
— Phyllis Bentley
3 : to strike or dash especially with a sharp collision
I heard the rain impinge upon the earth
— James Joyce


in·​fringe | \ in-ˈfrinj \
infringed; infringing
Definition of infringe
transitive verb
1 : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another
infringe a patent
2 obsolete : DEFEAT, FRUSTRATE
intransitive verb
: ENCROACH —used with on or upon
infringe on our rights



Posted 12:49 pm, 11/26/2021

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