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I’m thinking about getting married


Posted 11:39 am, 01/14/2019

Fins, would you get me free Prime?


Posted 11:34 am, 01/14/2019

Okay Rose, I had to look up what you were talking about ... It's a thing, gross!!!


"Black Ivory Coffee is a brand of coffee produced by the Black Ivory Coffee Company Ltd in northern Thailand from Arabica coffee beans consumed by elephants and collected from their waste."


Posted 4:16 am, 01/14/2019

Sorry, I meant rectum then,


Posted 11:20 pm, 01/13/2019

Poop doesn’t come out of a bladder.


Posted 11:15 pm, 01/13/2019

Buy some crappy coffee fresh from the elephants rump, and you might have a chance. Why rich folks would pay to drink coffee beans that was digested and pooped out of a animals bladder is beyond me.


Posted 9:31 pm, 01/13/2019

Rose, that’s the idea. I’m looking to marry MacKenzie Bezo. She and her husband just got a divorce. She was married to the founder of Amazon. She got $66 billion in the divorce. She is now the richest woman in the world, and tied (with her ex) for 5th richest person in the world overall.


Posted 7:55 pm, 01/13/2019

Good luck paying the insurance on one of those fins, from what I hear. It's expensive, better get hooked up with a sugar momma!


Posted 7:43 pm, 01/13/2019

Rose, please shut up with the prenup talk. MacKenzie might hear you. Don’t go ruining my plan to have a Ferrari for each day of the week.


Posted 6:01 pm, 01/13/2019

backwater (view profile)

Posted 9:37 pm, 01/11/2019

Get Jack to have one of his concubines come over to keep you company.Or you could go to Roses and hold up the sign!

The answer is no, **** no!
I haven't even thought about marriage, what can he offer me that I don't already have?


Posted 5:59 pm, 01/13/2019

Well at least you're thinking smart, I wouldn't dare marry without a prenup agreement, I see how marriage takes a turn for the worse. Couples fighting over what is theirs. Take a womens word fin, do the prenup and if she's worth it as I would advise her to do the same thing. After so many yrs, then take her off the prenup agreement.Nothing wrong with protecting any assets you might have, not matter how small.


Posted 5:47 pm, 01/13/2019

Am I hearing there’s a desperate housewife I’ve missed? I must be slipping


Posted 3:44 pm, 01/13/2019

Fins has been hanging out a lot of Dollar Generals,and somewhat lowered his standards!


Posted 3:38 pm, 01/13/2019

I don't think you have to worry about Fins actually getting married, his entire adult life has been devoted to avoiding it.

I personally think everyone should get married once in their life. Marriage can be a wonderful experience with the right person! At least for the first decade. It's just like having a best friend except that you're now legally bound to your spouse.

But what I don't understand is the people who go back for 2nd and 3rd helpings? At what point do you look inward and admit that you are a glutton for punishment! God forbid, if my marriage fails, that's it for me, I'm not changing my last name and sharing a bank account every again!


Posted 1:26 pm, 01/13/2019

Marriage is a trap. I highly recommend avoiding it


Posted 10:16 pm, 01/12/2019


Posse is mighty white.


Posted 9:57 pm, 01/12/2019

No problem. I’ll have a posse bigger than Tupac and Biggie combined.


Posted 9:42 pm, 01/12/2019

No I’ll just pretend to be your friend for vacations and ****.


Posted 9:37 pm, 01/12/2019

You’ll be the one crying when I become Mr MacKenzie Bezo.


Posted 9:03 pm, 01/12/2019

You virgins are sad.

jack rip her

Posted 8:06 pm, 01/12/2019

And you make up a new account just to post that BS? Did we both tap your girlfriend?

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