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If Trump came on TV and said we were under missile attack by Russia, what would you do?


Posted 5:13 pm, 01/12/2019

bandit (view profile)

Posted 7:01 pm, 01/11/2019

But, 1047, what would YOU do? Would you believe him, or ignore his warning as just another lie?

I don't watch television, but if I heard he was on all the liberal news channels saying missiles were coming from Russia, I would just assume it was more fake news like all the rest they spew out all the time.

So yes I would ignore their warning as a lie.


Posted 9:44 pm, 01/11/2019

What kind of Missile?


Posted 8:08 pm, 01/11/2019

This coming from a group that calls the president rump.

You do know that the rump is a but. I guess if your into men’s arse that is fine. To each ther own.


Posted 7:47 pm, 01/11/2019

No, t n t, you don't get to play with the adults, anymore. After you said "Trump doesn't lie", your credibility went to the same place Trumpies went...to the S*** can. So say goodnight, you crazy fool. Maybe you'll have sweet dreams..about ME!!!!!! LMAO

this n that

Posted 7:45 pm, 01/11/2019

Gateway Word for word.
Flashback 2016: Trump Says Mexico Will Pay for the Wall “Through Money We Save on Trade Negotiations”

this n that

Posted 7:42 pm, 01/11/2019

democrats, terrorist, getting close to being the same thing. Until Trump they could keep what they have been for decades pretty much hidden from the public. Now they're so unhinged they can't use common sense any longer. They are hurting themselves daily, and just can't seem to control themselves.

Dems are not terrorist in the usual sense, but what Trump is showing the nation is that democrats don't care how many terrorist, or any other type of criminal strolls across the border. They are the terrorist's first cousin, once removed.

If you're paying attention, you should be getting the message that it's not just Trump blaming the dems... so is the country.
They are getting their eyes opened, Big League.

Once again they have way over played their hand.

And some dems are already moving away from chuck and nancy, toward what Trump and the people want.

By the way bandit.. it was in March 2016 when candidate Trump said this to Hannity. "Mexico will pay for the wall through trade deals".
That is now being rerun on sites to prove what liars you and your ilk are.

That is close to word for word. As you can see, if only you weren't blind to all truth that your handlers are liars, and you're a dupe, Trump said from the beginning just what he is saying now.

You're the fool and the liar.


Posted 7:30 pm, 01/11/2019

I you're speaking to me, I'll leave the Trump love to you and your cohorts. Keep on sprinkling those orange dingleberries on your cereal.

As for me, I despise the lying, traitorous, White House squatter.


Posted 7:24 pm, 01/11/2019

Bandit Gandy you sure do love you some Trump don’t you ? How many threads does one need to show their love for Trump ?


Posted 7:18 pm, 01/11/2019



Posted 7:15 pm, 01/11/2019

Yep. And instead of negotiating with terrorist he walked out.


Posted 7:10 pm, 01/11/2019

He also said HE would take the blame for it. Guess what happened. No, really, guess what happened.


Posted 7:04 pm, 01/11/2019

He said he would shut the government down. Guess what happened.

No really guess what happened.


Posted 7:01 pm, 01/11/2019

But, 1047, what would YOU do? Would you believe him, or ignore his warning as just another lie?


Posted 6:48 pm, 01/11/2019

The dems would want mueller to start a investigation, and pelosi and chucky would shut the rest of gov't down until Trump said he was sorry.


Posted 6:40 pm, 01/11/2019

I would turn the channel and relax.


Posted 6:39 pm, 01/11/2019

A. Run for the hills?

B. File it under "another Trump Lie"?

C. Wait 30 minutes till he denies ever saying it?

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