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If President Trump came out and said Oxygen was good ....


Posted 9:18 pm, 01/11/2019

Are you capable of staying on topic?


Posted 6:41 pm, 01/11/2019

BTW, pm me for where to send money.


Posted 6:39 pm, 01/11/2019

I will not, but I know you will.


Posted 6:37 pm, 01/11/2019

We could out out the word that President Trump thinks that libs should never give conservs money, and set back and see what happens.


Posted 6:33 pm, 01/11/2019

Don't hold your breath.


Posted 6:31 pm, 01/11/2019

We could put out the word that President Trump said Oxygen was good, and set back and see what happens.


Posted 6:25 pm, 01/11/2019

If Trump said smart pills are good, you'd all start wolfing them.
If Trump said Hillary is my best friend, you'd all say "Hillary is my best friend"
If Trump came out, you'd all come out too.

Wrestling grandpa1

Posted 6:23 pm, 01/11/2019

The three if you are just plain silly...trump brings all that distaste on himself. .. he dies not have the support of all GOP Senators so he has backed off...but yeah I hate trum Pl because he thin km s if no one but HIMSELF and his Business and family not you three...



Posted 6:21 pm, 01/11/2019

Don't worry your little rears, rump never says anything truthful.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 6:17 pm, 01/11/2019

Their hatred of our President is only surpassed by their hatred of this country.


Posted 6:12 pm, 01/11/2019

It seems that most democrats are suffering from anoxia of the brain.

Mad Scientist

Posted 1:54 pm, 01/11/2019

...... 20 million Democrats would suffocate themselves.

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