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If 754.3 becomes a Commissioner in Wilkes ...


Posted 3:17 am, 12/03/2019

Seriously, there should be some way for the county to make money off that airport. Maybe a fee for the companies that use it.


Posted 12:41 am, 12/03/2019

A drag strip


Posted 12:28 am, 12/03/2019

Maybe we should turn it into a theme park.


Posted 12:21 am, 12/03/2019

As many tax dollars as that placed has sucked up its about time its good for something.

sparkling water

Posted 11:06 pm, 12/02/2019

A k a Wilkes Bitcoin.


Posted 11:05 pm, 12/02/2019

I think he only accepts Yesterday's tokens as currency.

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Posted 10:39 pm, 12/02/2019

I've stood in the way for too long.

What comic book shop accepts his campaign donations?


Posted 10:31 pm, 12/02/2019

You're thinking too small.
We'll live forever and take vacations on Enceladus during the summer.

sparkling water

Posted 10:26 pm, 12/02/2019

It shouldn't take more than six months to upgrade the Wilkes Airport to launch Interstellar Space missions.

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